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SERMO OF MAST AMVEL HIERON, FORMERLY COLLECTED TOGETHER ET HIMSELFE, AND PVBLISHED IN ONE VOLVME IN HIS LIFE TIME. EREVNTO ARE ANNEXED OF THE SAME AVTHORS. The Preachers Plea. An Atrfwcr to a Papifh Rime. 3, Meditations touching death. ,. 4. The Do±riñeoftheBeetlingof Chrt, informeofd Catechifine. s. An Helpevnto Deuotion. With flue Sermons notheretofore.publithed. ,Pfaime go. yeti". to. I.aue notconcealed thyMercy andTrathfr,m.thegreat r ángre Greg. in Ezek. Hom. 3. The Preachir jbcnldbe atthe Smithetburningyron, whichEat Dalybeotetd theftthat are netre,but cafleth [pokes aforreoff. qA Ï.OxDON, f' 'tinted by Io xx LfaerT.'. I 6 24y lb

v:ÿ ,%`[+ybgpy; R TO THE R IGHT VVORSHIPPVLL AND TRVLY NOBLE, Se. HENRY YELYERTON KNIGHT, ATTVRNEY GENERAL TO His Maicfie : And to the vertuous and Religious Ladie, the LadieMargaret reluciror his Wife, ReGiaT tl YGRsnrPevLL, 7 bath beene a !audible asidancient enflame among tbofe whichpublifbbooker, todedicate them tofame Perfonages either eminent inplace or gualitie: part- ly tohonour them with thePatronage of thole Arts Wz) qe, V andvernies which theyfinde them tobe loners Or - profeffors of; partly toprocure refpeíl to their la- bours; and /ome time alto in teflimonyofihanke- fïslneffè for receiuedfauous's. Now the cAuthor ofthis prefent volume (wholeworth fiefftciently commends itfelfe) being painefull Labourer in the vineyard ofChrìl , deceafed before allthefeuerall7reati fes were thus knit together into oneentire body , andfo left not onlyfame membersofit vnpatroniz'd, but the wholeframe without ageneral!Su /lainer. l there- forepaying that it:Mouldbe both Fatherleffe andPatronlefe (andbeing fomewhat intereffedtherein by vndergoing fame part of charge in pub- /Ong it) thought myfelfe engaged toprouideforce worthy Patron to vn- dertake the protection thereof e Lind knowing namely/4mIought rather to honour herewi'th,both ire regard of your loues toLaboursof this knde, and theparticular feruices, whichfor diners reffieels Lowe vetoyou both, withyour Noble profitable Family , thone bane bold heretoprefxe you as Patrones to this and Religious Worke ; which i lea a well to accept of, asyou/hall honour theft pious Laboursof thedeecafdAuthor, andmake them morewelcome to others; fo they ]hall memorizeyou for fauorrrersofGods Truth; andfwillforyour re.ffieeltome, ewer acknow- ledgemy félfe atyourferuice, andremain. e..w,//i,.% u cí Your Worlhips in all refpeëtiue fcruicestobe commanded, I. E.

ATableofthenames ofthe feuerall Sermons and Treatfsfit doyl'ne infuch orderas they follow in the Volume, 1 HE Chriftia s Iournal!. The Minoritie of the Saints. Truthes Purchafe. The Dignitieof the Scripture. TheAbridgement of the Gofpeh The Backe-parts of Iehouah. The Worth of theWater of Life. Dauids longingand Daúids lotie. Thegood Fight. TheDifcouery ofHypocrifie. The i erfee}Paterneof true Conuerfion< The Baptizing of the Eunuch. TheTryall of Adoption. The Plat-formeof Obédience. The Spirituali Son-fhip. TheLife andDeathof Dorcào. The Spiritual) Tillage. The Marriage Bleiling. TheOld man andtheNew. A Remedie for Securitie. The Ruine of Gods Enemies. The Worldlings Down-fall. The Wife-mans Verdit. The Bridcgroome. The Preachers Plea. An Anfwer toa Popifh Rime. The Dignitie ofPreaching. The Spirituali Mins Taske. A Caueatand aComfort for Beleeuers. The Spirituali Fifhing. Meditations touching Death. The Doótrine ofthe Beginningof Chrifl. A Helpevnto Devotion. page r. page29. page 4c. page 71. page 97. page 165. page 197. page 208. page 219. page 233, page zio. pege 281. page 313. page 327. Page 349. page383. page 393. page 404. page 416. page 429. page 441. Page 449. page 456. page 4.67. Page 477. page 553. Page S77. page 595. page 613. page 639. page 65r. page 673. page 689. I The

TheTitles, Texts, and Doctrines of the feuerall Sermons. The Chriltians Iournall, 3. Sermomvpen Matfh.7. 33, 14. DOCTRINES. I A right vnderfleluding, anda trueacknowledgement of hieowne*daring, dfsrft thmg that ought tobeineuery onethat defiretbSa !cation, page 2. 2. Care tofeeke out the trete way andpath which lcadeth tbegoerl init unto Life, ne. coffarieto hemthat wouldbefaced, page 4. 3 When errour isfelt, and the truewayfound , theremuff be a refolution to make et prefent entrie, page 5. 4 No man can enter inat thegateof Life, Withoutflopping, p. 7. 5 As there canbe noentrie withoutflcoping, fo thereweft be gripping osrfebteeofaR hindrances, p. 8. 6 In the defsrersoffaluationthere muff bea continueproceeding andgoing on ingood things, p. to. 7 He that d f reth toproceedeas he lhould, rnuftbooscontinuaNguidance, p. 12. 8 Fogether withgiidancethere mull be eircurgeltion, andan heedingof hie cousrfeo P 5 9 Toboththere there mug beioynedapreparationforencumbrances, p. x6. 1 o We mull oftencallour courfes toan account, p. 17. I I Thoughfor the prefent the Wayoffane bedelightful/, yet the end is 'infer". p.29. Iz Multitude inmatters ofReligion, isnogood rule toproceede by, p.22. 13 The duties ofholinffe , though for the prefent they turbe inforce things, yetthe iffue is life,and the reward is Comfort, p. 24. 14 The befi courfes,haae generally tbe feweffoppropaers,& thefettle f fo/owers,p.26 The Miooritieof the Saints, I. Serm. oponMarko lo.Iq. Doer R I N E S. Humil/tielimplynecefarie tofaloation, p. 29. á uffalicioufnelli no fit politicforthofe that intend heauen, p.31. 3 The fbiriteaßfootleof thefeule ought tobe defied, p. 3z. . 4 Right Chriflionsmußbeeuerorowing, p. 33. 5 Gods childrenmill imitate their beauenlyFather, p. 34. 6 Godtchildren metft quietly depend vpon theirFathers pronidence, TruthsPurchafc, 2.Serm, uponPron. 23.23. Do c TRINES. I Ester,fjtirirua/lpurchafermolt bane anearneffdefire tobe a partakfr of the heanetslyl Commodirie, p.41. z -He muff diligentlyfrequent theplace ofSale, p. 44. -. 3 Hemet haue skill todifcerneefthat Which isofferedtohim. p.47. 4 Homolt gioo°tbepriceaccordingtothevalueandworthofthecommoditie,p.49í, 5 He mullfforejevp for his neceffarievfe, p. 5o. 6 With the kyowledgeofthetruehmnffbeioyned obedience cockteak; p. g; ¶ 3 7 7

The Ttles,Texts, End Dcïfrincs 7 Thetroth onceentertainedand known, mullnot berenounced, p. 6o. 8 4 sondeof obedience once cored into, muffnever beforfaken, p. 63. 9. Theprobate ofTruth once made,malt beflillenlarged, p. 65. The Dignitieof theScriptures, 3. Serra. openFlofea 8.22. DOCTRINES. e e.411 neceffariepoints touching eitherfaith or manners are, bat dandy containedin the Scriptures, p. 7r: z Thematterof the Scripture is exceeding precioso, p. 74. 3 The Scripture is trulycalled the writingofGod, p. 77. 4 It was veryneeffariethat Gods Wordfhould becommitted to writing, p. 79. 5 Motes thefirfi writerofthe Scripture, p. So. 6 That which we now callthe Scripture, is the Word ofGod, p. 83. 7 It is agreatJinn tobe afironger inthe Scriptures, p. 87. The Abridgementof the Gofpel, upon Luke 2.67. Thefrfi part, Serrneno 7. D O C T R I N E S . c 1 The comforts which God heapeth open his affli//ed feruants doecome inwith a kindeof eduantage, p.97. z Thole whom God intendeth to employ in anyfbeciallferoice, heefurnifhethwith giftsaccordingly, p. 98. 3 Thegraces of Gods Spirir;wherefotuer they be, theybe net idle, p. 99. 4 Theproofing of Gods Name for-hisgoodnof , b one part of thatfbirituallferules whichwe owe ontohint, p. too. _ 5 Thefafetie of Gods Church is impregnable, p. t oz. 6 TobeanofGods people, is thegreatefl honour, p. s oz. 7 Theb/e ngswhichdtrealyconcerneeterna l!lf,bilongonlytoGodspeople, p,io3. 8 godsbtn4nefandfreegrace is the beginning and fountainsofall thofgood things which deeconcerne the eternall life, p.104. 9 WPe4real/bÿnature in afloteefferuitude, p. cos. Io lefoes Chriflis entry Way fnrnfbedwith lisficienciéof powerfor theaccomplifh. ment of the worksofmons redemption, p. 108. II Chriflisoffu/lpowerforthefina6confaoonofhis enemies, p. II O. 1z That Chrifl in Whom we bedew isthe fame thatAmid come, andbefides wbomi. no ether mullbe loob,edfar, "p. sit. 13 Our SaviourChrifl Was a Perfooafverygreot Nobilitie, p. III; 14 The Kingdoms ofChrifl is unearthlykt'ngdome, p. e s o. 15 Outwardgreatneffeis of novalueforffirituall vos, p.1/2. /6 For thegroundingofFaith, it is needing tonote the order and agreement oftht Scriptures, p. t 14. 27 Godfrom the Worlds'beginning foreimlde by the Prophets all things concerning Chrifl, p. 115. 18 net ahich was totteredby themouthof the `Prophets, Godffiake, p. it 6. '73ir'etipo r itf.ewed, theMaillie, Aatboritie, andTruthofthe Scripture. 19 ThefehrationofGods chofin,is certaine, p. 119. 2o T he Werke ofRedemptionbj Clore, was intended, dt it werea/page, on which the fulneof mercy ',debt befeene, p.tzt. if `Therfs/atie of Chr7 :its death is not reflrained toone time, p. 223. an Thereto anInchangeableeertaimieinGodepromi fes, p.125. 23 The

cf thefeeuerall Sermons. g3 The purpofeof gad infreeing vsfromourfÿiritttallbondage, was,that Weef/.auld euen conficrateour/lair to thegloryand honour ofhimfe fie. p.127. 24 w4s Godmill expect Janice at ourhands,fo hoe will make vs able toperforme r.109. 2 5 Till the 'Modeof a Chriflian bee quieted by the knowledgeofhisperfonall acquit, e oncebefore Godby Chrifl, he cannotrruely teruc God. p.13 t. 26 The timeofour lining here in the world, is the alone time, in whicha/7hnfeduties ofiodineff which are requiredof vs muffbepratfáfed. p.133. 27 e...f Cheifiian is boundby the WordofGodtoa dayly prattileofReligion. p.034. 28 We mugs haue careofcontinuance as webs of diligence ingoed for theprelimtime. p.136. 29 True Religionffasdsnot in a verbal! profoffion or informallPiers, but inanion. 3o la the prdt/ife of Religion theremolt bee a coupling together of holycarriage to. wards God, andupright demeanourtowards men. p.13 S. 31 Ifwewouldhe religiaste indeed, reemilli not lock!famuch tofbew asto thenpproo. ping ofourfelnes by truth andfi,cerity of heart unto God.p. i 3 S. The Abridgement of theGofpell. vponLuke 1.76. Thoficond part. Sermons 3. Do c1T RINE S. i Iris aneflate ofpreferment to be a Prophet and ae./Viniffer in the Churchof God. P.145. 2 It is theoffice of Gads Miners to draw Diffïples voteChriff. p.147. 3 He who defireth to makewayfor Chrtft m f f nely to be able mopes tothepeople the hid treaforecf theScripture. p.149. 4 4 Ñldntfler muff fo preach,as that (if it bepo%ohle) the !knowledgeoffaluationmay from him be oberiued veto althat /ware hies, 5.149. 5 Theywhich are ignorant in the tosse wayoffaluation arc not prcparedfor Chrif{,nor fit to entertaiue him. p.1 5o. 6 Salvationfiends in the remifan of f noes. p.151. ,7 Therichesof Gods mercy is the fupreame caufe ofourfaluatien. p. S Chriffs comming into the world to worke sire faluation zs the chre feftfruit ofGods mrrcp. p.15s g Thewarke off.útsasini wroughtby Curia isvnckangeable. p.i 56, io Every natural/man is deftittuteof trueknowledge. p.z S7. noeuraíl man is dtfiitráteof trot comfört. p.I 58. 52 Weareas i,.fubioltion to eternal{ drath. p.159 I 3 Thebenefit whichwe have by Cho f io exceedinggreat. 14 We needaguide into the Way ofpeace. p.162. The Back-partsof lehouah. Sow. 4. vponDeed.34.6,7. Do cvR IN ES. I ,Avoyeesithe chicfeoutward meanerordained ofCafesmans inflru£fisn. page 166. i God is inhis natureaneternallT ceing. p.167. 3 GodgtosethReo/ngcoal things that has/eSeeing. 7.169. 4 Godgineth Peeing toall his promifes.p.i7t. 5 Whatfoeserhewill, Gaditmághtiy able toeffeff.p.r73. 6 Themercy ofGod is exceedinggreat. 7.179. 1j4

The Titles;Texts, and DcErines .7 There itnothinn ofmorecertainty then thefeuerityof Gods luf/iee open the impeni. tent p.188. 8 God tvmgpunefh thefinites ofparentsin their pollerity. p.19 t. TheWorth ofthe water ofLife. Serm.i.open lohn 4. 13,14. DO C T RI NE S. I No World,thing isable togiroany treef/ling to a mansownsfools. p.198. 2 7he water ofLife isexcoll-ntandinChrifis pewee tobellow. p.199. 3 Cbriflgineth the water of Liraonly to theftthat thirds. p.204. 4 Thegraces which God belloWetb appertaining ontoLife eternali areneverfinally withdrawn. p. 205. Dauids longing,and Dauids loue. Serm. i.open Pfalme 119.174. DOCTRINES. I !robe heartsof all that fhall bee famed, there is a vehement define and an onfoined lungieg to befamed. p.209. a It itnot enxighfor amantofay he longs robefaxed,vn/effehevie the meansordai. nod tobring bim thereunto. p.213. Thegood Fight. Serm. i. upon z Tim.4.7. Doc TR IN ES. Y Themes!folide comfort toes Chrifiian fomle, whenDeath approacheth,is,tbe Tefdi. mousywbieh the heart bearetb to itfelfe, ofaformerfiend, care, to waili,e in di goldcon'eiencebeforcGod. p. 220. 2 Etter, Chriftian is calledforth onto a combine. p.224. The DifcoueryofHypocrifie. Serm. 2. opon Mauls. 3.10. DoCOIS INS S. I Tin Mini/by ofeheword is Gods Axe, and is ofa cottingnature, applyed for the framing ofmen to a.1piritual/Building. p. 234. 2 TheWord inpreaching mull not befitted et theplefngofinensEuret,boteseheflir. ring op andaffllirg oftheirhearts. p.236. 3 TheWerdfodi( f+: nfedinpreaching ,e sitought,mabethabindeoffeparatianamong.* men. p.238. 4 TheWe of Cüriflianity, fonds in a confcionable obedience ontoall that God corn. minds. p.242. S AChrifliamman hoeafpeciaß regardes the dutiesofbisperfoma(lcoi/ing.p.245. 6 Not todoe ems l is neefufficient, it is damnable not to doegood. p. 046. 7 Trees thatbringfoorthonfouoryand(linkingfruitcannosefeapetnsWrathofGod. P. 247, 8 Godinthe execution ofbioludgementfpareth NM. p.248. 9 Tbey which lining under afated c'Wsnsilry,/hall continue frmitteffe, godwillsine themover to hardneffc ofheart, andleave themesdamnation. p.248. no Tbofe whom the tAginifleryof the Wordboothdowns, the halite of Godat the laflday fha11fend to thefire. p.249. IY Thetorments ofhell canneither beexpreffed nor endmred.p.Y49. The

of thefúérall Semons. TheperfeEtpatterne oftrue ConuerGon. 3, Serm: nonMath. 03,44. DO C Te IN ES. i No enanfhell be 'admitted into the kingdomeof beauen hereafter, that doth trot,wake entrance to it in this Ife. p.a5i. r 2 Themeanesofaluation areatreafure. p.253. 3 TheWorth ofthe things that concernfeluation io vnfeenne. p.255. 4 Gnat 'mines isneceffaryto thefeekingoffalmation.p.zg6. 5 The knowledge ofthe thinge,which concern falnation, mull beehid inthe heart. p.259 '6 The vnderfanding andfeeling ofbeetienlythings, to thechildren ofgodis acanfo of ioy. p.263. 7 There mafl be aferiosuconfiderationwithour fleoes, what it will soft to bereligioses. p.266. 8 Inaft that hope tobe faxed, theremull bean utterforfahingofancientfins. p.268. 9 Sinnmuf be abandoned, not exchanged p.27r. no Not famefewbut ollfnnes, mnfl be difelaüned. 272. IT Sinnemullnot be leftforafit one y, butforeuer. p.27 S. Iz ThefweetneffeófReligionmu(las well befught/orastheknowledge.p.276. The baptizingofthe Eunuch. In 3. Serbs. mpen Aíl. $. 36,37,38. Doc T R I N E S. I To anobedient and cheerful/hearer, the WordofGod isneuerpreachedwithalfoe. ceye. p.28r. -z where theheart is tritely touched there isa deftre tobee a partaker of the Sacra. suns.p. 283. 3 Inwbomfoeuerthere is anytruth of Cbrif ianity,in thefame there isa defiretomake itknown to the Worldthat he is a Chriflian. p.z84. 4 Hewhichadmini(lereth theSacraments,ought tobe carefulsein/tcilithe people in things neceffary to the comfortable partakingofthe Sacraments.p,286. 5 Thereisa necefty of Faith, to theend a manmay be filchapartaker ofthe Sacra- ment as tomeet. p.288. 6 There isa kindeof faithout ofwhichcommethnogood tothefiole ofhimshot both it. p.292. 7 Only thatfaith maketb a man capableoffaluation, which is With al theheart. p.294. 8 hisnecefaryfor entry Chrifiian, tobe able töexpreffefor bimfelfewhat hebeleeues. p.297 g where thepower ofgodlineffe beareth fway,,there isno froWardaef ofdifiofstion, when one is dealt with in thematter ofaith. p,298, lo The beleeuing oflefua Chrifl tobe theSonne of God,.in the veryfub/lanceef that faithwhichis required tofaluation. p.300. i r SinceChriflscomming inthe (left, there is no beet ernefofoneplaceoboeanother fortheminiflrationofholy things.p.305. Iz In the Chriflian Church theSacrament ofBaptifinemniaccompany the ?rec. cbingoftheword. p. 306. Thetryall of Adoption. z. Serra. non 0. lob. 340. Do CTRIN E S. t There are inthe world childrenofthe Dinell ,asWelaschildrenofGod,p.;0 ;. a Betwixt

The Ttler,7exts, andDoEf,rinei 2 Betwixt the ewo there isadfferencebyWhiebtheymay beknoinne. p.314 3 Ahoy andreligions walkingìnthe waysofrighteoufneffeisa tokenofadoption, P317 4 He that makes no confcienceofthe prat3ìfe ofchofeholy dutiesWhich god regoiretb ofhisbroomsin his e ord,is intheftateofperdition.p.3zo. e/Invncharitableper[on is none ofGods children. 324. 6 Hetbatdoth norlone a manforReligionsfake, though therebe noother realeer, toin, dune him, is notyeton thefiateof adoption. p.325. The Plat-forme ofObedience. In 2. Servo. uponRom. 6.12,13. Do CTRI N E S. Conenpileenceisafsnne properly in the Regenerate,andmakes them lyabletoeterna& death. p.328. 2 Mansnatureisacompoundofcorruptionand death. p.330. 3 Wee muff by allmeansfitourTellies again ftfinne, and againfttheferret corruption ofo,r hearts. p.331. 4 There ought tobe a willingnef in vs to be employed in Godsferoico. p.33 5. 5 Heethat wi.'i bee Godsfersiant,n4 be contented tobe ordered by him is aQ things, P. 336 6 AnobedientChrlflianstufltortehiswholefirengthtotheperformanceofthatrigb_ templewhichGodrequired, in hisword. p.338. 7 Ourveryconuerfsonfremtheflateofcondemnation into thelimeofgrace, dothvo-ge uponvs thepraPtife ofobedience. p.34o The fpirituall Son-lhip. Serm z. upon 1 lob.3,1. DOCTRINE S. z ThefiateofAdoption is agloriousclime. p.3 50. 2 Faith begetterby the Word preached,is the means bywbicb weare broughtintothe ffatoofAdoption. I, 355. It isptJble forbiro who is thechilde ofGod to bee afsred in hiefule that hee isfa. P-357- 4 GodsSpirit andour none, are the twowirnes ofe..ldoption. p.36o. 5 The (late of n,Idoptionis vnclaangeable. p.365. 6 Thefiringandfountainofthiseft ate is Gods lone. p.3 70. The life and deathof Dorcas. Semi. uponA/7.9.3 6,37. DO CTRINES. "1 To bea learnerofReligion by the mimes ordainedofGod to teachReligien,is apart oftheveryef/énce'andbeingofat Chriftian. p.384. 2 Every Difciple of Chrili matt accompany his holy profefen With good workes. p.386. 3 Giving tothepoore is a feeiallprofiifeofChriaftinity, whichwe maynot ngleíi. P389. 4 Enn the holieft and the me religious among the limner ofmen are fobieft vnto death. p,391. Thefpirituall Tillage. Seem. z. vonProm. 21.8. andProu. zz.8. DOCTRINE S. I Thepraflifeofgodli»ejp is alabour which requiretls mnhinduflry, p.396. 2 Thefull rewardofReligion isnet tobe lookedfor byand byvponsloe praliofeofRoli. gion. P-397. 3 The

ofth,feuerall Sermons. 3 The Lord willfurely reward theft, whichfaithfully labour in hitfernke. p. 397. 4 There bacertaintieen Gods iuflice, notwithßanding the longcoeetinnnceofhis patience, p. 401. The Marriage-Blefsing. Serr. I. upon Roth. 4. a,11. Do C TRINES. i . The f r%f entrance into the married&State, atoll befeafonedandfanaifiedbypray. er vnto God , p 404. a. ()Marriage hringeth with it a rreeffitieofcohabitation, p. 406. 3 Thefaithfednefe of the Wife is to be recbsteed asa bleffing , andcraned ofGodas afauour, p.40ß. 4 The de/lire ofhooting childrenmoo/I ryrne attIse encreajingofGoda Church, p. 409. 5 Thewife moll be readyeoyeeldes the boos Itond inalllawfooll things, p. 410. 6 It is the biding of ehe married to hasefoesecertaineceurfe of¡efe,Whereinto bee doing, p. 412. 7 Noman lothWorthy, hot only he that doch religionfly, p. 411. 8 The foundationoftrite famoufneffe is well - doing, p.413 ç eft Chrißian muß make confcience there eftecially to be profitable,and tedoegood Where the Lordhathfeatedhim, p. 414. The Old-man and New-man. Seem. a.voonloh.3 6. DOCTRINES. e C.Slanby nature of himfelfekath nothing in himbot corruption, p. 417. z The Spirit of God is the Author andWorkerofthat New-birth, without which nonecan befaxed, p. 4z 5. 3 EeoeryRegenerate man byvertus oftheNew-birth is offit mall mate, p. 425. The remedie of. Securilie Serra. 1. vponfatn.4.g. D O C T R I N E S . t The commonioyei ortheWerld, whichiseitherinwickedthings ,orelfeinthiego(in there owne nature tolerable) aftera wicked manner, ought byall means to bee redfrained, p.4so. z The difhononrofGodbyfrene mug vnfainedlybe lamentedfor, p. 434. The ruineof Gods enemies. Serra. I. open lxdg.5.13. DOCT RIN RS. I The enemies of God, andofbis Church, ofwhatfortfoeuer they be, cumintheir greate/f iollitie fhall receive a wound anda rome paß recoeserie e in the whole Sermon at large, p.441. Theworldlingsdownefall. Serm.r.oponPfal.49.rn. Do CTR INS. S. I It is poffeble for aman that bath inhim nogoodneffe, yetfora time to tbriuc and proffer on theearth, p.450. 2 The: prefjseritie of the wicked, albeit for the prefent it lemony timesgreat, yetit never it perpetnall, p.451. Hethat bath liocd1je awretch, inthe endJholldielides a beta/I, p.453 Thu

The Thles,Texts,KndDcFfrines, c. The WifemansVerdit, x.Sermon vpon lion. 14.32. DO C TR IN ES. Í Aman hatingtolls reformed,andgoing onobffinately in toil , !hall be callofand forfakènofGodinthis life, in death,and bathe day ofjudgement, p.457. 2 Aman iuflifiedbefore Godthrough Chriflyandglum esptotheferuiceef God inks. linefeaneerigbteonfnrffi,hitl afÒendand condufesn¡hallbecomfortable. p. 444. The Bridegroome. 1. Serin. vpon atih.5.15. DOCTRINES. I Inchufmgofa/yonfe there °night to be snore reffetî to inward goedneffi then to ont. Ward goods, p. 468. 2 TheBridegrooms Lone to his beloved, ought toextendandreach asferre as any p aecefftie on her allrequire afupply,. p. 470. . 3 TheHusbands lone tobis Wife mullbee continuedinWithfledfaflnef to the End P. 471 4 Tbere is a lasefulnegi ofmewl!Reioycing at marriagefolemnities, p. 472. The truegroundof the ioyof Gods people is and might to be theprefence of Chriff lets, P.473. 6 It is the Wifedomeof G.ds children, in thedales of their rejoicingand Whenthey bane moll comfort by the prefenceof the Bridegrootnt, to think! vpon, and tomake pronifionforachange, p.474. The Dignitieof Preaching, 1. Seem. vpon i.Thef. .. 5.2o. DOCT RIN E S. i Theexercifeofpreaching o ieghttoreceiue from vtall efleeme. p. 578. The fpirituall mans Taske. s. Seren. vpon iThef . 5.19. DO C T RI N E S. I That it is Fallibleforaman booingthe Spirit ofGod toknow that bebath receised it. P. 596. 2 That itis neceffarie foe Ioien,t loot thitokes ht kath the Spirit of God, to take heedeof ysermbingie. p 6o5. Acaucat and a comfort forbeleeuers. 2. Sermon' vponLsli. 22. 31, 32 DO C T R I N E S. I Thatit is the earttefi deflee and prat-liftof the disell, to bee as preiudicial and as htrrtftoll ashepofuly can vntethofeWhiebbans beleeuedthroughgrace. p. 613. 2 Thetal thepraílife .randendeauourtof Sathan arenotable tooaertbrow thefaithof Godschofen, p.623. The SpirituailFifhing. T. Serm. vponLeols,e 5. i o: DOCTRINES. I Theflute of the world is as the Sea, p. 639. 2 Tbtflateof the Chorchin ehe world is like the/late ofa/hip n'ponthe Sea, p,641, 3 We arealbynateoreinthe pieofeondemnaion. p.643. 4 The Miniflerscalling is not needlefebat ofgreatneceffitieto winfades, p. 644. f The Monoferscalling, isnonetdlefe calling , bat a cedingof labour andgreat me. ployenent, p. 645. 6 The net inVblebmenmu, betalten,istbepreachingof theGafpet, p, 645. T HE

THE CHRISTIANS IOVRNALL N D, THE M.INORITIE OP THE SAINTS. I s A. 30. 21. This is the way, walkeinit. P3A L. 131 2. I am inmyfifea one that is weaned. LONDON, Printed for Thomas e..512an dwelling inPater nofler_Rewat the Signeof the i albot. 16 24. A

ei s fie tti s' t 'tzS :,,3easf cv K re7`t34 iP ` 1 TO THE RIGHT VVORSHIPFVLL Sr. FRANCIS B A R I NG T o N, of Barrington-Hall in Efex , Knight Baronet. In, the Wi/emanfaith, that All liners goe into Bca,,r; the Sea, /hewing themJelues(asitwere)Ilomagers andTributaries to thatplace, fromwhence far atwe may credite Philofophy) they haw recei ied Plato in their fief beginning. It hath beenoften in my Pbadote. thoughts, andmore then oftenin mydefires, that in tefimonieofmy ren:embring that (whichit were etten a f anein me toforget) theremightpaffe backe frommee to your Worfhip, fame littlefreame, of theft largerbrookes of yourhothcountenanceandbenemalence, withWhich my /1udoes inthe Vni- uerJitie being much refrefhed,andmyfir endeavors in the Miniflerie (as it were) by a kinde watering, helpedforwardin their growth; Iconfefi my felfe to become that Little, which by the grace ofGod I now am in his Church. Wherefore hawing a difpoftion for the fatisfaílion offame friends, to coppiea draught of theft Sermons : i thought Imight with one labour doe apubliquegood, andgiue them theirprimate contentment. And withal!, it came intomy miede, to tender them toyou, not as thefullpay. ment offogreat a debt, but as aninfinuationof mydefre tobe thankful, andofmy meaning hereafter torelent you with fame matter of more worth, according its GodJhallenable me, and anycontenient vacationfrom theduties of mypubliquefuneîion]hall affoordme opportunitie. Thuspre. fuming out ofyour former lame, that thispoore offer (hall at the !my? bee kindly lookedvpon , withmy many andvnfained prayersfor the enlarge- ment ofGodsgraces vponyourlate , andyour Ludir, and all thofeyong plants, which by thegreat tiepinof Godhalebranched fromyouboth, Ihumbly rakemy leave. FromModbury inDeuon. Your Worships euer much bound, SAM: Hroxou. A z

& `nw>7aJfG 'st vie,,,,, r< Ja %t1.62) .%í THE CHRISTIANS IOVRNALL The firft Sermon. Math. 7. verd 13,14. Enter in at the f raitegate , for it is the tbidesate, andbroadway that leadeth todefirnflian ; and many there be whichpoe intbereat. $ecaofe thegate isflraite, andthe way narrow that leadethunto life a andfew there bethat finde it. H E -(cope and generall drift of theft words, is to arme The (coped and toprepare' all thoiethat defre tobefaued, yam theplace. kindeof hardflvppand rzliraint , and towithdrawChem from framing tlfemfeldesvetothe courfeand fafhionof the multitude. The point isdelitiered in forme ofave- Theditrifota rybriefeinflìuBiön;oraduertifement, an (Enter in at oftkéText. the flraitgate). It isbacked with two reafons in tíatu- railoppofition each' to other ; the firft is thiS, becaufe the wide andbroadway, which hash greateft ílrire of company, leadeth to defiroo. alien thefecondis this,bemire theffraitegate, and thenarrowway, which bath in comparifonbut few paffengcrs, is that which bringerhvnto life. Thisisbriefe- ly the fcope and order ofthe place, I willtreateof it in the famemethods, that I haueobferued inopening it. kid hrllof the aduertifement it Celle. Enter in at theflraitegate : And therein l rltthe meaning mutt be labofïrd for: The fry! thechiefe thing is , what is vnderflood by the f raitegate. By the sate andWay, part. whichwe are urged toento into, is meant that holy coutil, which the Lord bath what is lairddowse eeto vs in his holy word : it is the fame which Daniel tearrnerh the meant by Lords way a, the way ofhis teflimonier b, the wayof troth', the wayof Gods rem- Gate and m'ndéments a, the path of the Lord' , and leremy , the good wayf. It is calleda Way. ftraitgatr,aad afterwardsa narrowway ; firft becaufe of the reltraint, ane' (asmay a PIA 119.3, feeme) hard conditions which irlaycth vpon flefh and blood, (as wee (ballfee b Vote r4. heereafter in the fartherhandlingof it;) fecondl becaufe of the y, E? 5` Vede . and careto bee vfed in walking in it, as in a way, from which , beanie of the a Pral. zs. rc; narrownelfe thereof,. a man may eafily decline. This is the way, that Chrift f ler.6. 16. calleth all that willbee faced to enter into , becaufe onely this wayleadeth voto why it is life. I will fpeake lace bywayof Expoftion, and Interpretation, becaufe What called a doubts foeuermay arife touching the fence , (hall in the furtherenlarging of e- lraite and tarryparticular , bee fillyd ifcouered. The thing that Iwill chieFely labour in, narrow wag. is (according tothe drift of the place) to (hew what thingsought ofnecefsiry to bee iu entry onethat would be faced. It will beexcellent matterofdirection, to A 3 all A

The Chrïflian.f Iournall. all thòfe that areyet vnconuerted, andofrefolutionand confirmation to filchas haue trulycared to walke theway that leadethvntolife. ba trine 1. The firft thing which by authoritieof thisTestof Scriptureought to bee in every one that h Bath faluation , is;a right vederlanding , and a trueacknow- ledgement of hisowne wandering. For euen in reafon, before a man can frame himfelftoenter hitoa right courfe , bee mull berefolued and perfwaded ofhis owneformer mi(taking; for why elfe (lrouldhe change his fashion? if hee haue not erred before,to whatend Ibouldhe relinquifh his prefect courfe , and betake himfelfetoaguile, towhich he hath not hitherto beeneacculomed? Reafon itferremuft needs ytd to this brother things,-and it moftneeds bee true in thin. HowlhallIperfw, adeaman toenter into the traitegate,ifhedoe not reek and perceiue himfelfe to be in a way in which it isnöt fafefor him tocontinue?If we looke into theScripture we (hail feegood proofe forthis point, namely, that . theacknowledgement ofourbypaltrrour, is the very fitldegree vnto found conuerlion. Towhatend (ehinke we) is it,that by Gods fpirituallappointmenr, the terrours of the Law fhouldfir} be preached , and fhoulergoe like the migh- gLKing.r4. tie flocirigwinde (whichinGods appearing toEliae g, rent mciuntaines) be- fore the calmeand gentle and í}i11voyce of the Gofpell; Ì fay, to what end is that, and what did the Lord aymeat herein, but onelythis, that menmight fee wheretheybee, and in whatcafe they (land r andthat, holding on in the way, whichNature bath fet them in, there can nothing follow but, de(lru&ion ? As the Lord himfelfe at the firlebeganne, with our grandfather Adam after heehad finned , loftinghim by varietie ofdemands to fee his errours,, *hereart than ? hGen ; ;, andwho tolde thee that then waft osisd? haft thou eatenofthe tree t' ?foall the Pro- phets and Apoftlesafter, held thefamecourfer the finI thing they laboured in, was.tomikemen fee that there was nohopeof happine(fe, without aprcfent forfakingof theiraccufomedbehauiour; Icrerbie, when hee would thew that a. mong the peopleof histimes,there was(for thegeneralitie) no true conuertion, reporteth thematter in theft words, l inearlçned but nonelake, al a aright; nonisi repen- tedLimofhiswielfedneffe.faying,volat haveI done i?as ifhe had faid,there was nota man,thathad any fo muchas aeonçeicofhis owneerring, theywire alllrongly perfwaded,that their courfes were right &vnbiameable,and thereforeeùeryman turned tohis race,esthe herfe to theband. TheCarrie Prophet defcribing therepen_ tanée of theelate ofIfraelunder thedameofthe TribeofEphraim (with bare the fway in that kingdom)relates itthus,lheardEphraim lamentingtbm,Thon bats àorretled me, and I Was ehaflifedas anstnamed Golfe ;Conner) thou me and¡pal be hier, ;r, A. consorted, for thou art theLordmyGod k. Nowamongotherfignesandcuiden- eesofrepentance,beefaith,Ephreimfmner onhie thigh. as who Ikosid lay, phraim hauing all this while tonne a lubborne courfe in the very depthoffe- euritie, nowbeganneto recallpimfelfe, and tothinke, that queffionlelîehee was outofhisway; the courfe wasdangerous, and it was now high time to re- forme it. It is noted in the Prodigallfonne (theperfeet patterneofatruecon- nect) that when he had tonne a lewd courfe , walefullyconfurt,ing the portion ofgoods which fellunto him , 1uppofing (as many yonkers doe) his locke to haue beenasa liningCpring , whichcould newerbe drawnedrie; at lal hecams I Luker;i0, tohimfelfe (l): the bethinking himfelfeofhis by.paft folly ;was the firft lisp into his recouerie. Mee ;hinges, whenI remit that Parable, Idoe fee the youngPro- digall; like toa manridingfal-ina wrong way , andatlaft, vpona fuddaine, by, the call of fome that teeth hismilaking reining vphis home , and menin- wardly chafing and fretting withhimfelfe for hiscarelefnes ; (hecameto himfelfe bethoughtall well before,but now he perceiued howthings went,&whatwould be the isfue, ifher focontinued. When the Lordwaspleafedtocall Paid, who before (as himfelfe confelfeth) wasaperfecaror, andableNewer, andanop'pref. m n.Trm's' der°', fuddainely there came a voycefrom Ireases laying, Saul,.Saul, whyper- *3. *me;

The ChnIiians loúrnall. 3 feeateft thoi met ' ? As if th4Lord had laid : O thou man,knoweft thou what n thoudoett? viiderlkandef tfifiou who it is againft whom thou fettenthy felfe? conceiueft thou thedanger that will follow it ? Sothat the first thingGod fought to bring himto;was the fight ofhis owne prefenterror,and that beingonce per ceiued; he became tradable ; Lord(faith he) what wilt time that 1doe.? I might o A&.g.6, eafily multiply examplesof thiskinde, but thefe may Crete to (hew, that the fenfe and apprehenfion ofour osent wandering, is the fir[t ftep toour entrance into life. And therefore it is that the Scripture is fo full, indifeouering our na- turall erring. The fpiritofGod fpeaking of the whole race, and,generationof PGLtM ;: mankinde, (for fo Pant applyeth it) faith,That all aregone out of theway. jaiah,nilfl we (faith theProphet) likefheepebauegone affray q : It isa placeworth q thenoting ; wehomegoneaffray like !beep.: there isno creature moreapttowan, der thena (heepe, there is nonemote unapt, of felfe, to recur= into the right wayagain. The Oxe (asthe Scripture faith) .knowetbhit owner, and theAP bit rEfir.;: *after.; cri5bee :: the very fwine accuilomed tothe trough, ifhe geeabroad, yet at-sight will finde theway homeagaine; but the (heepeonce ffraied, of hire. felfe returneth not. All the therefore (faith theProphet) like fheeparegoneaftray, to (hewourfrmplicity, andhowvepofsiblea thing it is for vsofourowne power to retnrne. And the Prophet in the next words giueth a reafon, Wee baue turned carryon' to hisown way': Godswaits and ourowne wales are dire&ly contra- fEfa.ç3.1. ry. Wee russenaturallyafter the wayesof ourowne hearts, and wee cannot chufe then but wanderutterly from the way of life.. Again, the lelfon of our Sauiour herebelongeth toall, Entericat theßraiegate. Entrance in at the gate prefuppofcth a beeingwithout the gate ; no manas bid toenter, that is already within: ifallbeexhorted to reenter, is,argueth that weare aliwithout;and ifwee be confidered inour felnes, thenas theApolile faith, Defirallies and calamity are inoar wayes,and theway ofpeacewedoe not know'. This careof theholy Choir, rRom:3. r6. in the wholecourfeof theScripture to acquaint vswith our wanderings,argueth thenecefsitieof theright vndetltanding of it, ifwee defies to be faued. Letvs make eleofthispoint. lc is a point of great vie, helping vs in themoil needefull point, the right The Pitt judgingof our ownecitate; let vi notbe wilfully careleffe herein I beleechyou; why Ibould weebe deftousto iudge in other things, as oftimes and feafons, of the faceof theskie (as Chrifl faith °) ofwares andcommodities, of cafes and uMaras.; quelions in theLaw; andyet neuer care to vnderftand how it farethwith our foules ? TheConic is the principall,and ought principally tobe looked unto. Let vs learneto Table to iudge ofourfelues,whether it be with vs as itought to be: Promoyour [elm (faith theApoftle'.) Letvsfearchand try oar Ayes, faith le. =,Cor,r3,p, re.nyy: examineyew heart vponyonrbed, (faith Daaid.,) Wee all haue a hope yLam.3.no. that it iswell with vs; let vs looke to it, that our hope (asthe.Apofile fpeaketh) o Pfil'9.4 maybe lochaswaymot makeyrafhamed'. There is nohurt gottenbythetryafl aRom,SS ofour [clues, there is alwayes danger in [scanty. Therebee rhoufands plunged into hell, that thought nothingIefle till they came there, and now they arepaft recovery : wee areall trauellers inoneof there twowayes, and we (hallarriseas oneof theft twoplaces here mentioned, life, ordeftruaionthere is no third: whowould not beeglad to know touching himfelfe, in whichof thefe twowaits he is,that ifhe be inthemill way, hemay fpeeçiily corne outof it; ifhebe.in the right, he maygee ontherein with cheerfulnefle ? Thispoint is the thing thatI haueaymed at in chafing this Text, and by it you (hall as ealily underhand it, as -yon do in your goinghome,iudge by fuch [tilesand gates,and hedges,whethct you are in the true way,yea,or no. Now this I may deliuer to you foramatter of certainty,, that all (excepting infants, the mannerof whole conuerfion is knowneonelyvnto God) all I faywhich are partakersoflife eternall,thisis their first íteppe to it, thefight and vnderltanding of their former erreurs; God A 4 fish

The Ghrilliàns Iouria, firfi openeth theirhearts,and maketh themto petceiuc that they are in acourfe, the iffue whereof iseternal! death ; with this their hearts are (mitten and appal- led, and they are euen woe with thetnfeluestoconfider it. Marko then this :-Art thou onethat neuer yet law theerrour and mifery of thine owne naturall eflate, that netterhadfl yet anycompun&ion of heart toconfider thine owne wande- ring,that was never grieued to thinkevponrhy life pall, tofee how thou haft all this whilehitherto beetle miftaken ? Mt thou one that hat}alwaies pleated thy felfein thine owne cormes, frarcelyCo much as calling it intoqueffion, whether thou walkefl as thououghteft to doe yeaor no ? Surely thy cafe is fearefull and damnable; and I may fürelyfay vntothee, that if thouholdeffon fo, thou theft metier belaved. Let vs in the feareof God :coke veto it it isamatter that con_ rentes the greateftpart ; we blelfeour {glues in our ownehearts, weebane hued hitherto after ourowne Mfrs, worfhippingGod, when, and inwhat manner our retriespleated, caking toour Celtics theliberty ofgrotre flanes, hatred, envy, co- uetoufnes,opprefsion,drunkennes,and the like ; andwee benot yet perfwaded, norcanbe, that the way we go,and the courir we hold,isotherwife then it ought tobe. There is not the vilest wretch, behis fafhionof life neuer fovile,but he will fay,he hopes heis right, nay hewill be veryconfident in it, thathe is fo, and yet neuer in his life had any trueremorfe, nor neuer kneworperceiued, what it was to wander froto thewaicsand pathsofhahpinr llk. Dceiuewe not ourIelues,ei- tirerwe mull begin here atthe fight ofour olderrors, or elfewee canneuer tread the path that leadeth vntolife. Dentine a. The next thing which by the ruleofmy text mull be in eueryone thatwould be faced, is,care ro feekeout the trueway, andthat path,whichleadeth and brin- geththegoers in it vetolife. This is plainalto (as tome fecmeth)by thisScrip- ture; for as the light ofa mensancient wandering, mull goebefore his entrance into anew courte ; fo ofnecefsity when heperceitieth his errours, the right way mull$e fought out, and certainely vndcrflood, before hee canrnter thereinto: fo that he whichbids me enterinto the gate oflife, bidsmewìthall toreekwhere that gate is,for other wife my defrre of entrance is in vaine. Ifa mallerdoe will hisfn cant togoe to inch a hoofe, it isprefuppofed that either'heecloth know the way to it, ocelle stuhl wake enquiry for it. And thiscare to enquireout thetrue way inthis particular, is theplain do&rine ofthe Scripture; Standin the wages, andbeholds andstatefor the sidewo hhick frthe Aned way, andwelüe thrrein, andyee blet. e,ué. fho/l fnde rei&foryearJenks': there is aplaine charge, and auexpreflecomman- dement, in the multitude and variety oflùppofed wayesvntofaluaeion, to make ci Thef, 5,24 diligent enquiry which isthegood waydianti m theWay andaxle, Try allehingre, faith the Apoflle, it is a rule giuen principally touching doéirrne and precepts dire/ing to eternal! life t Paul willeth them toexamine and ponder them all,and neuer leauetrying till they hauebonited out the truths, as themenof Bereadid, d A1Lx7.u, that heard Pini, _theeyfearched the Scripture day", Whether tirafe thing were 04. Tohalt betwixt twoopinions, and to bee in fulpence, not knowingwhich way fpecially to incline, and tobee in Religion as idle Beggars arein their way, rea- dieto go whichwayfoeuer the flaffe falleth, how hatefull athing it is inthe fight ofGod, weemayconceiue by the lharpe reproofe vied by Eliasvitro the wane: euKinaß,zt ring people, Ho* long willyee haltbetWeene tan; npinion's? Whenthere werediff_e_ tenets ofopinions in the world touching Chrift,Conte taking him for loin Bap- ti Come for Eliáe,-Come for lereìniac, Come foe one ofthe Prophets ; our Sa- uiourcalled his Difciples together, and would nettles know their judgement, CMa,t6,,s, Bewhomfay yee that I amt ? thrillwould teach thereby, thatWhen there are varieties ofopinions in matterof Religion; Come fay this isthe way, and tome fay that, menshould not (asthe manner is) rakeoccalonthereby to {landdoubt- full, and adhere tonothing certaiùe}y, but fltonld enquirewith the greater care, that they may be certainely and roundly refoleiedif the truth. There is noman profeffeth

Christians Ioisrnall. profeffeth any thing, but (if it bebut for his creditefake) heewill labourto vn- derffand,ifit be pofsible, thevery myflerieof it , and toknow the certaintieof Inch things as are appertaining to it : How much more inReligionfhonld the certaintruth belaboured for ? Errour in other things loth prejudice the bo- die onely , and the things whichconcerne ït, but the miffakingin this, I meane in the maine points of it, is the utter andirrecouerable hazardof a mans foule This may Ceruebrieflyfor the openingof thisfecondpoint ; let vsnowcome to apply it. Thispoint alCo willconuince vs, tobenot asyetentred intotheway to life, in y¡; asmuch as weare fo exceeding careleffe in thisdude of reeking and fearching out the truth. Someare drowned in the depth of ignorance , and never enter tainefomuchasathought, whether their way be right yea or no : Come are profanely defperate and putall to an aduenture , notcaring what beethe Me; if they beright , foit is ; ifnot, what remedy, they muff bean it aswell as they may : Comebe faperllitious , and denoted totheir forefathersfteppes, and hold their courfefor a fufficient tule, without further que(lion : Come are time- feruers, and lookeonly to theLaw,as that leades fo will they follow,to day on this fafhi- on,tomorrowon another,if needbe : Come arepecu dhand peruerfe, and pleade tindiuerfities of wales, and the multitudeof religions, and lo thiuke tobe ex- ruled : fo that by that timewe haue putall to thereFeuerall heads whichbelong onto them,we lhall find(Carte a tenth sas the Prophet faith,whofe care it istola g If3.6.r3. boor and take paises to leeke and enquire which is indeed the gateofgrace, and which is the true path that Icadeth unto heatien. Indeedthe world is full ofbull. ateffe,and each man as his humour leadeshim isimployed, the couetousman for hiswealth, themalicious man for his reuenge,.the voluptuous liner for hisplea fore, the wanton for his luft,the pronde forhis backe ; for there things mep(eeke farce and nette, allthe deuices,all-the meures that may bee polsible; bucln a( Curaneethat the way we haue chofen to bringvs toheauen, is the rightway,ofall thingselfe it is leali thought;Ton. It is a Urange thing, there is noman fo realm forhis way to mill, orto market, as hee is for his way to life =moll. In thofe waitshe will be perfit,ifhe doubthe will aslce, he willenquire; Isthis theway ? whatmarks ?what turning to lochor lochaplace ? As for theotherway,we got all upon meere conceipt, we thinke it is fo,wee haue heard othersfay foebut we I feeke not for the certainty,whether it be fo. Whatamifery is this,ardhaw hat(} Satan beguiled the greareftpart forthe fillingofhis ownebarnes ? In thisblind- ties, hecarries menhoodwinked(aa a manwouldcarrya hawk uponhisfift)whi- Cher heli(l , and they will be inthe pit before they areawareof it. Ibeseech you take notice ofthispoint,it is no flight thing I entreat of; he that may command vs,he that can condemne vs,he whichere itbe longfhallfudgevs, cues-hechar. - gab vs heereto enter is at the (trait gate. How (hall wee enter ifweeknow it not? how (hall we know it ifwe feeke itnot? Neither is it a flight kindeoffer- king that we are called unto: there be manybywaies, but the right way is but one;as in (hooting a manmay milli diuei fly , heemay fhoote vnder, bee may lhooreover, hemay fhoote wide, on this fide,and onthat,but thereisbutone way tohit the marke ; fo a manmay many wales be miflaken , but thereis brit one gate that leadethontohappineffe,and all the canning is to finde it. Well,the Scripturewill teach vs , the wordof Godwill be as the Angell ofGod to Peterh hAlas; todire&rs ; andifwe will vouchsafe toattend the full openingof thisText , I doubt not but(by the helpeofGod)we fhall enderfland ir. In themeanetimelet thisprensile againfl our Cecuritie,and let itbring vsfo faire od orwaytolife, as tomake vsfay with Paid when he was (trocken to the ground, LordWhet Wilt thou that / doe,?and with thepooreIayler,What :NO I doetobefaxedk?thisgood íAet.9.6. delirebeing oncebegotten in vs, the ruft cannotcnrfebutberupplyed. kAft;6,go. The third thingwhich this textneceffarily commendeth entovs, ifwe would Marine 3, be

The Chri1ians Journal ". bellied, is,a refolution when we hauefelt ourerrour, and found the right way and the truegate,all delayerlaid afide tomake aprefententry. Ifyouaske how Iproue this by my text, l thus makeitmanifeft. It is a rule in ciuill matters,that inbonds ofdebt betweenman and man, when there is nocertain day named, then thedebt is due prefently : fa here, the commandement andcharge being giuen indefinitely, without any expreffe limitationofany let time, it followeth that it is prcfently to be performed. OurSauiour faithnot, enter hereafter when thou artmore at Icafure ; or to theyoung man enter when thouatt old; or tothe old man, enterwhen thou art a dying ; orto thecouetous man, enter ;hen thou hall glutted thy defire with wealth ; orto the drunkard, enterwhen thouare vt_ rerlydifabled that thou cantbe drunk nolonger: but he faith to áll,atthe infant Enter ; doe it prefently,doe itftraitway,deferre not todoe it. And this is alfothe plaine doftrineof theScripture ; Imade hafte, faith Dauid,andI delayednet ro keep IPfat tg.to, thycommandement.' I. Itis commended in Peter and ,4ndrrw, that when Chilli mMar,aa.o. called them,they left their nettes firentway m, When Chrill calledZacherr, the nLuá,rg,6. Text faith,that heecame down haft;) ^. The reafon why there stuft bea refolu_ Lionofprcfent entrance, is, becaufe as therein a time ofgrace, in the whichthe gate ofMercy Randsopen, fo there is a time of iudgement, in which this. gate will be (hut vp,and all hope ofentry vtterly remooued.Dauid fpeakethofa time, oPfal,3a.d. in which God may befound°, which implyeth that there isa time, in whichGod willnot be found. The time when hee maybe found, what it is, Paul teacheth, where fpeakingof thepreaching ofthe Word, andofthe offers ofgrace,that are thereinmadedaily; hee faith, Behold, nowis the accepted time, now isthe day of p a Cor. 6.2. faluation r. The time prefent is theonely time, the time to come is no time, no more then thetime pall, it isa matter ofmeere vncertairty; To dayifyelrill Beare, q Pfal.gf,7. it is lad votovs continually". There is a timecomming, andwe knownot how neat it is, (though the generaliend may bee farther off; yet our particular ac. count cannot be farre ; wefee daily howTome dropaway ofall ages, and eftates;) I fay there isa time comming, in which (as Chriflfaith) many f call/eeke toenter club.53. 4.- in,and(halnotbeable Oh what wofull yelling,andpittifall crying,and enrmft CMauzs.r,, knocking there will bethen at the gAte, with Lord, Lord, open Into vs e; when sa. that firmly doome, Depart/ romneedknowyonnot ,fhallbe theirportion. Thisis the reafon why it is no fafe delaying. I wouldweewould learnwifedome from our outward bufineffe : what makeshusbandmenbreake their fleepe, and while air is thevin it is yet night, tobe travelling tothe Sea fide fortheir rand* ; meete them, aske ofthoWtft them thecattlewhy they are fo exceeding Toone ? The anfwer is ready, ?(you partsmete know it better thenmy Rife) the tyde requiresit, a peeceof an honre loft may the Sea, to breedmuchhinderance,the timeof the yeete hafteneth, and whenit is gone, it ma with cannot be recalled. Oh l can we not commandto flay vs, but mull wee rideand pro farad, pelt; and make fach.hafte topressent it; and ehiskewcro hauethe gateofmer- cy to fandopen at our pleafure ? Be not deceiued, Elan came tardy, andfought t Hee, to t theblefsing with teams, but could notobtain le'. The Thevfe is, to curethat euill ftckneffeof delaying, which is the very baneof fo many fouler. I remember the report oftheProphet Haggletnaketh niche people that neglefted there-edifying ofthe temple,Tbupeeple(faith he)fay,eho: else time allag.s a is notyet come,that the Lords houfe fbouldbebreaded fo, many thinke it isnotyet time forthem to Tooke to heauen-ward, youth muft hauehis cootie, the cone- tousbaggemot be filled, the pleafure ofthe fk lh muft be fully tailed, ambition muft come to his height, and then it will bee time to retire. Tetalittle morefleepe Pro.ó.ro. faiththeflaggard'r let Godbearewithvs a little, and intimewe will enter. This y is as the Scripture termeth it, thevery deepne fre ofSatan 1, thus tobeguilemen; and (no doubt) there are many in hell, which had ameaning in their lifetime to enter in, but God hash cutthem fort, and depriued them of that, which when they mighr,they refufed toaccept of. Well, ifwee haue feeneour naturaliwan- dering,

The Cbriflians Zoürrìall, dering, ifGod bath openedour hearts, that we perceiue there is no remedie buè a new courfe muffbec entred into, ifwee haue learnedout of theWordof God, which is theway ; let vsrefolue vpona prefect entry. Chriftfaith, Thekingdome ofheauenfuffereth vioknce.: Mee thinkes Chrift there fpeakesof heauen asof a z matter offered, which if it be notprefently taken, is prefently loft ; and therefore all men ofdifcretion that know the worth ofir, prefîe, and throng toward it, and catch after ic, and even fweateabout ir, that they may haue it while there is pof_ fibility ofobtaining it. I openedmy mouth and panted, faith Dauida, there was aPCsiq.r; i; hafte;l follow hard toward the markefaith Taut.; therewas fpeed.This is the third bPhil.3.r4. thing required to faluation ; there is no timenamed, therefore itieuff bcc done prefently. The fourth thingwhich now followeth robe treated of, is the entrance itfelfe: Dadirine. 4. our former wandering muftbee felt, the right and trucway muft bee fought for, when it is found, a refolution ofprefent entrance muff be puton; and then next we mull put forward. Enter in attheftraitgate. To thisa& ofentrance there are two thingsrequired, the fìrft is (that I may vfe tearmes agreeableto nay Text) flooping ; thefecond, a (trippingofourHues of wharfoeuer may hinder our en- trance. Firl 'i, there muff bee a kinde offfooping , betaute the comming in is lowc..It is laid ofheaven in the Scripture, that it is a hougsot made Witbhands '. e z Cor.3.r. Now, as in the matter thereof it is differing from our earthly buildings, to is it in the framingand contrioing ofit. In great mens houles, it is a great eye-fore, to feea little, low, and pinching entry to a large and fpacious dwelling ; but to the end all things maybe anfwerable, as thehoule is ofgreat receit, fo the gares muffbe high and lofty, and thecomming in according. But now in thishouse which is =main theheauens, it is Indeed itis large within, For in my Fatherskouf (faith Chrift) are many menfiònsd; but yet the gate vnto it is dIoh.rMz; exceeding low, theentry narrow, the parsing in very (trait : It is the gate of humility. A wasthat beareth vp himfelfe aloft , in the prideand fecuritie, and fenflefneffe of his owne heart; that leaneth tohis owne wifedome , that pleafeth himfelfe in a flattering opinionofthegoodneffe of his owne efface, that was ne- uerbeaten dowse by the terrourof the Law, and the due beholding of Gods tu- Rice, fuch anone can neverenter beere,this gate is too low forhis haughty , car- nail,and felfe-pleafng (fomack toenter in ar.See an exampleor twoof the Roo- ping ofGodschildren, intheir entranceinto grace. Looke fiat Mine iniquities aregone tuer my head, andare asa Weightieburden to /gamy farme ; ePfalg8.4. Mefeemeth I fee said in this pulsion,like a man oppreffed with fomecarriage more thenhe is able to ((andunder, which makes him double and crouch, and groané,and long tobe eared; fo Dauid was with the weight ofhis finnes, he was ' truckendowne with the fightand confderationof them. What rhinke we, did notEzra floope, when heprayed, Omy God! I am confounded andafhamed to lifevpmineeyes vnra thee my God, for our iniquities aregone ever our beads, andour trefsaffè isgrawnevp to beaten r?Did not 1ob ttoopewhenhefaid,0 Lord? abhorre fEn,, 9,6 myfelfe installandapes r? Was not Ezechiahca(f downe whenhe cryed in the glob bitterneffeof hisfoute, 0 Lord it bath oppreffedme,comfort me h ? Looke into the h 1ta38a4. New Teflament, what thinkewe of the woman that lay at Chriftsfeet, that waf s. ed them with teare+,andwipedthem with the haires ofher head, , was nothere ha. ;Luke 7. 3 . militie ? How iudge we of thePublican, didbee not manifeft the humilitie of &c. hisfoule euenby the handingof his body ? hee would not fo muchaslifenphis eyesto beauen,but /mote bit breaf1, and faid, God be mercifull tometa(inner x. Con- kLuk.rt.13: fider well the exampleof Saint Paul, I wasonce aline (faith he)wirhour the Law; 1 Bota.y.g. 18 hee once barehis headas high as the belt , and I warrant you would nothaue feared for profefsionof Religion,to let hisfootto him that was holie(t ; touching the righteoufnef /e which isin the Law (faithhey wasvnblameable But when his mPhil4,6. ties wereopened tofee hisformerceroue, when he hadfoundout thetrue way to life,