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The abridgement ofthe Ç f el. I 13 yea the very 'thought of them, will but aside affiaionto hisgriefe. Thus Will his. comfort confinee like arotten thing, and ae4garment that iemoth-eatenv,But teach Y Iao :1'48 him -to build all vponGods mercy , labouring that nothing ofhisowne maybe onee thought vpon' in thisbufineffe, he (hall Iirait fee fucha breadth andlength, depth and height of comfort , which will btu colde Waters tohis Weariefettle'. x Eph. ;18. Thus this dbthinc is a matter ofinftruaion to ground vsioknowledg,andmat. al-rou.a¢is, ter ofrefre(hing to furnifh vs with comfort. The foule of aChritlianisasthe Done which went out of Noahs Arke b; Itfindes no footing but vpon the rocke bGem8.ya Of Mercy ; and it is but. an imagination of mercy when any thing is coupled . thereunto. This troth path forced euen the greatefh aduerfaries to acknow- ledge it according as we finde, that nomeant Papift, afterlong labouringa- gainfl the doetrine of Iu(lification by onely Faith ;clothintheendeconfeffe, cBie,'iar.lib. chat yet it is the fafefl way toplace amans minvpon Gods onlymercy and fa- g.de ',dill, unte ".. The next matter to be treated, is thegeeftion, HoW the WorkeofRedemption wrought by Chrift, can be(aide robe a werke.sfmercy to the Father.? For the refol- uing of this quchtos, this istobeknown, that there isbut oneway of(Strati- on to the Fathers before and under theLaw , and to'vswhichhatehued lime d xei>.r 8 the reuelation ofChrift in the fiefls : `efeta Chrif ye(lerday, today, the famefore- ''''"'38° o,. osera. Hereupon Chris is fide to be. the Lambeflainefrom thebeginning afthe world': whereofthis is thy meaning, that albeithe wasmanifesed in the Seth in the latter end of the world, and not finissebefore, yetall theholymen andwo- men entai fromAdam , were fauedbyhis blood. The moil perforasofmite wi- der the Law, were typesofChriil, and aladheirfacrificesand ceremonies tended to this one thing, co cherifh in them the hope ofthe Mefsias; and to acquaint Client with the whole myfterie of Redemptifi,which was wrought by his means. There is not one lislecircumf}ance in the carriageofoutfaivation by Chris , but the fame was Ihadowrd out in theancient complements of the Law: EuenAbra- f Ioh.8.ç6. ham floe the dayofChrift F. To them that hued before Chrift, Chrift was erueifi- g Ga1,3.t, ed in the Sacrifices and blood-Sseddings'of the Law; amongvs bee is erue:fsedg by the preaching of the Gripe!: they beleeued onChrill tocome, weebeleeue on Chrift already come. tarharis thereforeloth here mention the Fathers, to `DnEfrine a. teach, That theefftcacie of Chriffs death is;not retrained or limited to:öne point of time ,bat i r f retchedsawn to the ages b -pafl,and that the Fathers from the beginningof the world came within the .compaffl of this mercywhich God(hewedtomankirodein £hrfh incarnation : An thistobe true, barbbin prooned in the openingand elec- ting ofthisqueflion:Tanlfaid,thàt the Chrisianreligion which heprof ffed,was the hope of the promife which gadmade rs tise Fathers arsd Peter in his Oration hAB.i6.x. made inthe Synod at Iernfalcni, (peakingof beeleeuing to befaxed throng', thegrace of the Lard !afire Chrift, ioyncth theFathers with them whothen lined Wee be- decree en as they!. ' Aß.rçagta wen This is firs,,matter ofliefolution in a needefull doubt. I am taught,if I will be The r.yfe. fatted, tobeleeue casely in ChriS leías; the rssïnifterieofthe worddoch hill (like iohs Bapri,?) point out hinr.vntome , as theonely perfonwhich takerh awaythe fermis of the world k, it faith , that he is the orhlyWay t; and that theiris m falsati- k Ioh.t«as onitanyotherw.It cells me moreover, that this Chrift wascrucifiedmany hut. 1101,4+6. tq, dred yeares Snce, and that now, in refpeslt ofhisbody, Hessenmxfíeontains mAB,..sa. him", till theend ofall things. But nowhere my faith wauereeh and isindoubt , uA&.3sr, asking how his blood, which was fliedfo long'fince,can be offorce for the put,. grog and cleanfing ofmy front. Thisfcrúplcis takenaway bycenfideringthat which is herefaide: tacharieaffirmerh, that theMercyofGad in Chrift , did concenaecaen the Fathers, which hadlong before gone the wayofall Seth, and whichwereafleepe in the duff ofthe earth. Now then, looke howthe Fathers ,fo longbeforemight basebenefitbyhis deathto comet by the fame meansmay we L 4 now