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ei s fie tti s' t 'tzS :,,3easf cv K re7`t34 iP ` 1 TO THE RIGHT VVORSHIPFVLL Sr. FRANCIS B A R I NG T o N, of Barrington-Hall in Efex , Knight Baronet. In, the Wi/emanfaith, that All liners goe into Bca,,r; the Sea, /hewing themJelues(asitwere)Ilomagers andTributaries to thatplace, fromwhence far atwe may credite Philofophy) they haw recei ied Plato in their fief beginning. It hath beenoften in my Pbadote. thoughts, andmore then oftenin mydefires, that in tefimonieofmy ren:embring that (whichit were etten a f anein me toforget) theremightpaffe backe frommee to your Worfhip, fame littlefreame, of theft largerbrookes of yourhothcountenanceandbenemalence, withWhich my /1udoes inthe Vni- uerJitie being much refrefhed,andmyfir endeavors in the Miniflerie (as it were) by a kinde watering, helpedforwardin their growth; Iconfefi my felfe to become that Little, which by the grace ofGod I now am in his Church. Wherefore hawing a difpoftion for the fatisfaílion offame friends, to coppiea draught of theft Sermons : i thought Imight with one labour doe apubliquegood, andgiue them theirprimate contentment. And withal!, it came intomy miede, to tender them toyou, not as thefullpay. ment offogreat a debt, but as aninfinuationof mydefre tobe thankful, andofmy meaning hereafter torelent you with fame matter of more worth, according its GodJhallenable me, and anycontenient vacationfrom theduties of mypubliquefuneîion]hall affoordme opportunitie. Thuspre. fuming out ofyour former lame, that thispoore offer (hall at the !my? bee kindly lookedvpon , withmy many andvnfained prayersfor the enlarge- ment ofGodsgraces vponyourlate , andyour Ludir, and all thofeyong plants, which by thegreat tiepinof Godhalebranched fromyouboth, Ihumbly rakemy leave. FromModbury inDeuon. Your Worships euer much bound, SAM: Hroxou. A z