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i5 The efhridgement ofthegolpel. had raid: Many wayes is the mercyofGodmade knowne vnto vs, theearth isfull of it,but thisexceeds all, that he hath enlightened the Worldby his Sonne, and bath vifited vs with fo greatafaluation. To this agreeth the fpeechof Poi , a Rom 58 Godfetteth oathie lonetowardsvs,feting gm,. Chrif} diedfur vs a.. His meaning is, that in other things the mercyofGod is not obfcure, but themyfleryofChrift is (as it were) a flage, vponwhich he bathset it forth,that all men might behold in ìr the fulneile thereof. In this (faith john) appeared the loneofGod,becaafe hefeat a Lich his only begotten Sonne into the World ',&e. In this : meaning, that although hap. 49. peareth in otherthings,yetin this efpecially. The reason is plaine: It is themercy ofGod, that wee line and breathe, andenjoy health andpeace. In these things, Gods loue is to bee (cene ; but a'hatwete thefe without Cbrift, according to that Paying; Moatfhallitprofit a man, thoughliefbouldwinnethe whole wórld, ifhe lof hi bMae.t6.a6.' owne footle b? All other comforts without.an intereft into Chrift,doe buthelpeto encreafe-our condemnation. Tb Thisferueth to difcouer our folly, Ofall themerciesofGod,that, OfChrift is the chiefeft t yet of allthe reis it is leali fought for. We are(themofl)right of the Epicuresminde,ifthe fidesandbellybe well,let the reis got how it will.Here- in weare like children, who looke epos the babies ina booke,but carenot forthe matter. There outward thingsarebut toiesand trifles in comparison, them wee gaze vpon, vponthem we doe evenfixeour desires. It ought not tobe fo, neither indeed is it fo with true Chriflians:'they arc likeDauid;whowhen hebeheld the men ofhis time,teioycing is their Wlrear and their wirre,ceied out,Lord lfiop thu light of thy countenance upon we °, alit werefcorning all thingselfe inrefpeâ of cPfcL}.6,y, that. Remember we then: This is the height ofGods mercy, that hebath giuen vs Chrift; let it lacethe height,yea, the eerieAll, ofour deliresto enioy Chriíl. Ofall cares, let thisbe ourchiefe care,howwe may be faued. Dollrineq, Another pointobreruabie hence is; Theflablenef and oncbangeablenefJeofthat we++ ofalaation whichit wrought byCbri(i lefoo : Itmuli be fo, tieing it is Paid ro befrom on high;out ofheaven and from God.Apply to it we may that rule ofGa. maliel:Ifthiscounfell be ofGod,yeecannot defiroyit a :fothis thing,isfrdonbie,it hath d A44.39, fetched the beginning fromGod,therefore it cannot be fruflrated. All things 'it- derthe Moone are lubina tochange,the thingsabooe are fleme and immutable. This is Pawls reasoning touching thecertaintyoffa/aation'. He goethvp on hie eltom,8.33. to the foundationofall,Gods eternal] Peedcftinarion,thatisvnchangeable,ther_ fore their Iuflificatiò in firme, therefore their Glorification is certaine.Hymene,u and 'Pbilerus by their falfedoetrinedeflroied the faith.ofcertaine (for it was not builtvpó the Rocke (but The foundation ofGod remained, /arefaith theApoltle f. (.Tim r' Ty. This is,firfl,a greatcomfort toall truebeleeuers : -Their laluarion dependeth The r.f e. not vponencertaistien; he is comefrom onbio, which bath endertaken it. This is Heb.5.r9, an Anchorofthefoule lothfureand(ledfafls.Tonr life it hidwith Chriflin Godb.The rt .r9 coursewas framed inheauen, all thellrength andpower ofhell cannot diilolueit. Secondly,this(froinonhie) may be a good admonition tovs,ifwe defire a part The 2.Oft, withChrift,to labourtopull and retireour affediorisfromearthly things.So foneth Paul;Ifyebe rifen withChrlfi,,(eekethe things which are abone1. O urfaluatiom i Col.;.r, infrómón hie, and therefore we mull labour tolooke upward :Itwas the fpeechof Chrill Ton arefronbeneath k,meaning,thatbecause they were fuckasdid ratio= kIoh.8a3 only ofearthly things, therefore Religion and grace couldnotenter into their hearts. !Ewe ruerbe like fwine,mszling in thegtoand,and like the Mole or want, buryingour (Clues intheearth,we makeour felues enfit forthe kingdomofProd. The Church bath theMane waderherfeetel : Sheedefpifeth and fetteth lightby IRcu.t :.t. all the riches,glory,pow pe,and carnalipleafures ofthis world: and iadeede(tül, the highera man laboureth tolift vphis thoughtstohcauenly things, thebarer will these earthly things feeme tobeontohim taswhen on climeeba high tower orhill, thehigher he Bothmount, the lellòBoth every thing appeasewhich is be; low him. The