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158, The Jbridgement ofthe Çofpel. z róhn j q. Rrine of Regeneration '; and in the learned Athenians, who mocked at that aAds rq. ;t which Pant tanght touching the Refurreaion The moll points of Religi_ on leeme to fleth and blood , vnrealonable, abfurd , unlikely. Man bath no knowledge ofGod by nature , but only fo °much as may ferne tocondemne him. Thet.Yfe Wee are taught by this,' fiat, todifclaime allopinion of freewill, that is, of power in man (ofhimfelfe) toembrace and toentertane goodwhen it is offered. Thisiscertain; that where themindeofmanbathnopowertoconceiue, there the willh'äthnopower toembrace. Now it ispröouedhere, that wee are all in b Eph, s 8. darknef s nay even darkreffe it felfeb. Wee arepoffefledwith that extreameig. noìancemnd dulnelfe ín thethings ofGod, that (ofour felues) wecannot slider- 'land their: r Therefore, as Godmuff firft enlighten ourmindes, before wecan conceiueally good,fo hemull firlibend and frame and new mould ourwill, be-. forewee cantruely affea , nay before weecanonce enclineor lease towardsthe fame, Letthepatronsof frtewillfee how they canreconcile therethings, name- ly , that man lhouid naturally lye groueling Ma thicke milioffpiritualldark- neffe,and yet Brould haue powerinhirnfelfe tochufe that which isgood, without fpeciall and particular enabling. 44^ Then .ofe. Secondly, this aduifeth vs, notto admit ourowne fern and conceit asa fudge in matters ofReligion. Theblinde(we fay) isvnfit to judgeofcolours, andnato fall man, to determine ofholy things. Hee that will beleeuenothing but that which his owne reafon (hall approoue, nor doe nothing more then his corrupt affeflion fLallencline unto, that' neuerbeleeuefomuchasheeought, norpra- Rife the one halfeof thatwhich isrequired. Agreat caufeofinensdifobedience ira rehigion,is, that they coufule withBells andblood,thatis, aboutmattersofthe foule, t hey confult with that which isthe greatcil enemy to thefouler Thefidf e Mat e aq lelfon to be learned by a Chrillian,is,todenybim ¡elfec. Itought tofatisfie thee that God hach focommanded, fo fpoken, fo reuealed : whether itbee agreeable to reafonor no,it isall one : Say with Peter , 4e thyword?mili doethis , or Iwill beleeue that. Happy is he, who beingpriuytohis ownefpirituallblindnelfe,caa llretch out his hand tothe Lord,and fay with `Daniel, Teach met, Dire?! myfieps d 141l.t19. to in thy Word : Let me not Wander fromthy Commandmentsd. uva 30-, Thirdly, wee are hereby let to fee what they doe whichpleafethemfeluesin Theg.. their ignorance. What isir, but a delightingin their arilery? Itisasifa man Ihould content himfelfe to lie in the bottomeofa darke fiingingdungeon, even when there is meanesoffered toreleafe him. What is the chiefe part ofonr natural) mifery ?Isit not this,that wefit indarkneffe2But whatdarkmfis it?Our lentos doe tellvs, irisnot any outward, bodilydarkneffe,which is meant : It can- not be any, but thedarrkneffeof thefonle. And what is thedarkntffeoftheFmk but ignorance anddulneffe j Faithisthenieof the foule,and knowledge the ground ofFaith. You then, which wilfully muizell your felues in ignorance, whichde- lire not tobe better`taught,which are wearyof themeanesofknowledge ; what doeyou, but even refolue withyour flues toliehill in darkneffe, and to ruthyour felues into that Vtter darkneff where nothingwill be betides weepingendgnafhing sMachB,rz. ofteethe? Remember we then, that asby nature in refpedhoffisse, we areofall creatures the moll miferable, fo one branch of our mifery is the darkneífeof ignorance,the want oftrue fauing knowledge: ifwedoewillingly andcontented- ly cherifh our felues therein , and refufe tovnderlland the things whichbelong cetoour Peace, it is all one asifwe Ihould fay, We Wiamt belittled; Hellfhall be more welcomeuntovs theneternallife. 7)oElrine Thefecond partofournatura ll mifery , is, Thewant eftrimcomfort. Thereit not yet renw no ruay yt.u; ed peace nd purgedbykChrifis blood, bath n ir,cone ofcheletwo enftneffe,or Amazednelfe: Either it isbloekith and benúmmedand feelethnothing , and fo