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The BacIZpartsofIebotaah. The flrfcSermon. Exod. cap. fq. vest 6, ry: 3'o the Lordpatedbèfore hisface anderyed, leheuah, lehet ah, pot,enercifid, an4 gracioue,floW toanger,and abundant ingoodneffeandtruth. Refermng mercyfer thoufands forgiving inigaityandtranfgrefwn andfob., and not making :bowickedinnocent, vifiring theiniquityofthefather: non theebildren, and vponthec;ildrens children, vmothe thirdandfottrthgeneration: HE occaliotsofthefewordswas this: Wereads in the The part ofthe foie -going chapter ', howCMOs,for ot,,he wads; his better tlrengrhening in that weighty charge with a Voile 18. which the Lord had entrufted him, defired Godto their him his gloty;towitshevery fulnelfe ofhis Maiefly. God anfweredhimb, that thefatisfyingofMir hisrequeft,could bvita í,, '!! not bot bevery hurtfbllvittohim,inasmuch as(faithhe) /# therefüallnamaáfeeme andline; meaning thereby,thatthe weakener ofmans mortal! nature,cannot borethe gloryofhispretence; but (hall beeues opprefled and (wallowed vpwithmaiefly, ruenaswe fee the fight ófthe eye to be daz1edwith thebrightneffe of the Sunne, ofa. ceytlall glaffeto btbro- ken in pioces,with theflrong workingof thefire: But yet (faithGod to Mofes) thiswill I do,/tri/ put thee inacleft ofarotk,aadwill coon theeWith my hand,whiles I.yaffeby: After, I will taleaway mine hand,andthonfhaltfiemybackparts, btuwry face)hall notbeJane.. By whichcourfe framed to the capacity andvnderllanding a ytiLtia;i. of Motes, (and ofvsalfo,) in whichGod fpeakethofhimfelfeasofa man; ha- uing face andbacke, the.Lordsmeaningwas toteachboth Mofes and vs, that itis vnpofsible forany manin this mortality, perfectly andexaaly toknow and con.. teiue thenature and beingof themoil High. Our knowledge of him inthis life isinpart d, like the beholdingof a manfuddenly pafsing by vs, whofeback-parts d r,Cota; only we can )Dokevpon : themore lull knowinghim, is refereed to thattime in which we being madelike. veto hi,it,(ballfee himasheis', euenfacetoface£, in his e owne kingdome. Now that which Godpròmifed to .6p/as inthe fórmerthap- ß.Cot.i;.rs ter is performed in this; Mofes being placedin thecleft o eherocke, the Lord pattedby, andveered a voice, by which was difcoueredfo much touching God, asMofeseither was able,or elfeneeded toconceive; lebouah, lebouah,flrong, &v. Theretwo verfesmy purpose is toopen onto you; tothe,end wee may hauefoase bettervndetllandingof God , (what an one heis) then for the moft part it fee methwehaue,any may learnetofeast his Maiefty,to lone hismercy,& totrems bleat his laitier more then we hacsdoneheretofote. Our commonronceitsof God are veryweird and ridiculous: Ignotant peoplefuppofe him tobe aman in £hape and pafsion like themfelues: The Epicure, whothought there was no hap= pineffevnder theSunne, but in carnal!pleafure, imagined God to beeofthe fame fenfuall humour, and deemed, thatfreedome from butineswas hisChiefe felicity. AndDaurdfaithinthePfalme, a that theungsdl perlon,whornnn to all manner pa44;ík ofexceffe,ioyning with the theefe,andpartalovgwith theadalterer,and openinghis at. mouthwith theflanderer,thinkes Godtobe like himfelfe a Andgenerallyourpsl- p 3 uate t 5