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& `nw>7aJfG 'st vie,,,,, r< Ja %t1.62) .%í THE CHRISTIANS IOVRNALL The firft Sermon. Math. 7. verd 13,14. Enter in at the f raitegate , for it is the tbidesate, andbroadway that leadeth todefirnflian ; and many there be whichpoe intbereat. $ecaofe thegate isflraite, andthe way narrow that leadethunto life a andfew there bethat finde it. H E -(cope and generall drift of theft words, is to arme The (coped and toprepare' all thoiethat defre tobefaued, yam theplace. kindeof hardflvppand rzliraint , and towithdrawChem from framing tlfemfeldesvetothe courfeand fafhionof the multitude. The point isdelitiered in forme ofave- Theditrifota rybriefeinflìuBiön;oraduertifement, an (Enter in at oftkéText. the flraitgate). It isbacked with two reafons in tíatu- railoppofition each' to other ; the firft is thiS, becaufe the wide andbroadway, which hash greateft ílrire of company, leadeth to defiroo. alien thefecondis this,bemire theffraitegate, and thenarrowway, which bath in comparifonbut few paffengcrs, is that which bringerhvnto life. Thisisbriefe- ly the fcope and order ofthe place, I willtreateof it in the famemethods, that I haueobferued inopening it. kid hrllof the aduertifement it Celle. Enter in at theflraitegate : And therein l rltthe meaning mutt be labofïrd for: The fry! thechiefe thing is , what is vnderflood by the f raitegate. By the sate andWay, part. whichwe are urged toento into, is meant that holy coutil, which the Lord bath what is lairddowse eeto vs in his holy word : it is the fame which Daniel tearrnerh the meant by Lords way a, the way ofhis teflimonier b, the wayof troth', the wayof Gods rem- Gate and m'ndéments a, the path of the Lord' , and leremy , the good wayf. It is calleda Way. ftraitgatr,aad afterwardsa narrowway ; firft becaufe of the reltraint, ane' (asmay a PIA 119.3, feeme) hard conditions which irlaycth vpon flefh and blood, (as wee (ballfee b Vote r4. heereafter in the fartherhandlingof it;) fecondl becaufe of the y, E? 5` Vede . and careto bee vfed in walking in it, as in a way, from which , beanie of the a Pral. zs. rc; narrownelfe thereof,. a man may eafily decline. This is the way, that Chrift f ler.6. 16. calleth all that willbee faced to enter into , becaufe onely this wayleadeth voto why it is life. I will fpeake lace bywayof Expoftion, and Interpretation, becaufe What called a doubts foeuermay arife touching the fence , (hall in the furtherenlarging of e- lraite and tarryparticular , bee fillyd ifcouered. The thing that Iwill chieFely labour in, narrow wag. is (according tothe drift of the place) to (hew what thingsought ofnecefsiry to bee iu entry onethat would be faced. It will beexcellent matterofdirection, to A 3 all A