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176 The Ì3ackeparts of Iehouah. of 'cherish, let vs procecde to thevfcs, whichmay be commendedvnto vsout of , this dot ine. Thet Yji. The firft vfe is, toworke and frame vs to a Landing inawe of GodsMafeilie, and to a fareofcontinuing in any Inch courfeas may difpleafehim.This is pro°_ onPe.t.6, tied outof the raying ofPeter.,HambleyourMacs tierefere(faíthhe)there is coign- fell to cal/downe our felues in all humility' before God; then there is a reafon for it,becaufehis handismighty, he candoe whatfoeuer plcafeth him. Like unto this p Madrao.z8, is that fpeechofour SauiourP, Feare himwhich is able todcffroybàth bodyandjule in hell: as ifhe had laid , yonfee what God con doe,hellfire issthis commend so cod bath bodiesendfeeles inteit, therefore take heedehoWyouoffend him , he was neeeryet q. Heb,to.'gr, onermafired.lt is efearefalthingtofell into the handsof the lining God q, Rearm ie, felfe teacheth thusmuch ; tobeware of angringhim who is abledouble and tre- ble to requite vs. A tenant is afraid tooffend his Lord,he is ready toride and go for him, and todoe,him anyferuice: and why ? he knowes he is ableto clue him a difpleafure: Nay the borrower, although hepayes fini drarely for the loner yet is cuen afraidof the lender, andfpeakes him faire,lefì hefhould bringhim in- to(orne extremity. TheyofTyrten and Sidon(faith the dory) camewith one accord enddefiredpeaceof tiered: &what wasthe caufe ?their corntreywas noeerifbedby the r AB, rz. an Kings lend Thus the light of nature hath taught to feare, where there is power toreuenge. Butin mattersofreligion itis not foe herea:ematiythings,tonchirg which it is euidenc in Scripture bothwhat God candoe, and what he will doc. Concerninghis will,we well know what he bath exprefly fpoken ofmany (inns. f f ye will netbe reformed byme, but walkef/nbbernely aóain/f me, thenwill1elfe Walla f Leuit,ze ftsbbornely ageinflyou . Her that when heereth theWords ofthe thefe, ble_ eethhim- z3 felt, in hit heart,Eying, lfhellhose peace,&c. the Lordwill not bee merei/e /l vote Deu.:1,19, bim,`Pre,le net deceiúed/usherfornicatonrs,nor idelaters,&cfha/l inherit the King_ 20. dome of God.. Many fuch euidences thereare touching the will and purpofe of u eCór.6, 9, God, touchingthofe which wake intheirfinirei *. Now ifto there and to the like ;o' fayings, we adde that which is fpoken here touchinghis Strength, (he wants ahi- Pfa1.68, Erie to doe nothing whichhe hatha willto execute) wefhall well perceiuethat thefe fpeeches are no fear-crowes or idlethreats, but Ghall come to paffeaseer tainly,aswe do hcarethem fpokenento vs inGods word.Yet whenthe Scripture is fo full touchingthe concurrenceof there two; Gods purpofe topunilh, and his power to puniflr,whoamonglivs(notwithftanding)is afraidto run vpó thepikes of both there ? It feemeseither that weethinke that itis butan idle tale which is fpoken touching Gods purpofe totakevengeance,orelfethat we areat a point & doe not care forthe extremityofhis power. How is it pofsible,that menbelee- uing theScripturc,which faith that Godwill turne intohell allproud contemners of hisword, all negle&ers of his worfhip, all fwearers,all prophaners ofthe Sab- bath, all maliciousperfons,all wantons,álf belly-gods,all couetousones, all op. preffors,allguilefull perfons;ho&(I fay)can it be,that men Wearing this,& thin- king alto that there is no im pofsibility with God, to makegood that whichNee Ihatlh faid, fhould notwithtanding ]rue inthefe Hanes, delight inthern,glory and boafl of them, defend them, hate thofe that admonifh them,maligne thofe which goeabout to reforme them ? Well,yet whatfoeuer prophasemen imagine,thin- xPfalto.ni, king god to be like them., the matter is cuident inongh,both touching the vill of God, and touching his power; ifhe be wanting in either, he is not God: there. fore let vsall know this; Ifwee learne trot to frate Gadapower, we flail finely feele it, he vfeth to fay nothing,but that whichhe dothwill and can perforree. Tbta. Yje. The fecond vfe is fitly tobe annexed to the former, as a motile toencourage vs now at the Inkto comcarre ofthofe firesin wInchwe Isaue fo lorgcoutinucd. True it is, it is a dangerous thing for a man tohold out in any one known finse, as namely, tohauebin afweerer ,a railer, acurfedf eaker,alcornerofreligion,a drunkard,aviciousperfou,adeceiueralongrime ,formanyyearestogether :I fay