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178 The Riekeparts ofIehouáb. I I oea q,:t. fullyarmed f that he *bidsbadpromifed , War able to doeit r. The like was Pasta , refolution, Iknew whoopIhaue lichened, and Iam perfwaded, tbat he ie able to keepe rn1.1.'0re,t..,. that IVhich 1 home commuted tohint, aping that daym. Hee bath made great pro " 'ceedings in religion, and precious is his foule in Gods fight, who hathlearned to buildvpon this foundation. Nòw to the endwe may rightly apply thisforenamed vfe , we muff ioyne to itanother con(ideration, namely, weemuff labour to findeinourfelues, andto fedein our ownefoules theexperience of Gods power. If you demandof me, what kindeof feeling it is which Ifpeake of, in regard that enea the diuelsand damnedfoules,hauea feelingof Godspower, Ireferre youto an excellent place n Fyh. it r9> of Paulin, where theApolile is a filter to God on thebehalte of the Ephefians, ao. that he would giue them the fpiritofwifedome, to the end they might know the exceeding greatnefeof God, power towards beleeuers,accordbg to the workingof bit mightypowerwhichbe wrought onChrift Macke theplace well:The Apoftle would hauevsto feele inour felues thatpower ofClod, whereofChrift Ierns in the dayes of hin&flr (an he wasman) had experience. Chrift upon the crolïe died the firfi death, which is the reparationof the bodyfrom theIonic; he Coffered alto in his foulethe forrowesOf the fecund death , fo muchas was pofsible for fucha foule as hewas toapprehend them. After hisbodily death , heewas laid in the grave, where death night feeme (asit were) to triurr phouerhim threedayes. Now herein God (hewedhispower, inthat her loolfd the forrowes of thegraue, and rattedhim vp againefromdeath tolife. Thisis afpeciali partof that powerof Godwhich hewrought inChrift. Now the thingwhich Paul aimed at, (dcwhich I doe aime at alto in erginghis words) wasanceis, that we fheuld labour to.feele thevery fameftrength and power ofGodMoor felues. Howmay thatbee (will Comemen fay ?) Euenthus. Thenatural[ corruption which is invs, is (as it were) ourgraue,andas a man lieth dead in his graueand cannot tnooue, fo are weeby oEths.T, naturedead inour tee/papsandfrnnes°,and Cues reprobate toeuergoodWerkert As p Titus t.ró, thereforeGod did manifell hispower, in raifingvp Chrift, fo we fhould alfoen- deauour tohaue in our fettles a feeling of thefame power , inrailing vsvp from the graneof froneenv) newneffe of life. Timis that which Paul calleth by this at Phil. ;.ro. name,The vertueof Chrifltrefurreffion a, and for thegaining hereof he countedaä things but utdung , enesthat beemight fecretly feele that powerwhereby Chrift was railed,to ralfe vp him alto from the bondageof his fins. Now to apply this. Thouhaft heard ofthe ftrengrhand power of lehowb,and thou haft beetle taught - tomake this vie ofi ,to refolue therebyof the certaintyof thy faluation,becaufe his/?rength is fuchascan notbe ouer.maftred. Ifthouwouldeft truly takecom- fortin this, it bchooueth thee to looke into thyCelle, tofee what experience thou haft ofthe power ofGod in railingthee outof the bondage and flatteryof thine ownecorruption. Ifthou are 11111 incaptiuitie of thine old wonted courfes,there isoochange,no newnelib its thee,ftilithou art one mannerofman, no encreafing in knowledge,no renewing inthe innerman,no reformationof life,ftill an igno- rantman,ftill a delpifer ofgood things, ftillaworldling, ltitla walker afterthine owne luffs,flilllike the blacke.moore, whet skinbeeing oftenwafhed , is nos clean. tier.[;.a;, zed 't IMO tell theeplainly and truly; this vfe towards the certainty of fal- nation groundedvpon Gods power,appertaines not to thee ss well thou mayeít feelethe ftrbngarme ofGod , in plunging thee intohell , but thou (halt neuer feele hisgracious and merciful)power inCaving thee from deftnrâoon. If thou wouldeft then findeany fweetnellbin this, that God isWrong in preferuing his feruants routes, thatnonecan plucke them from him , labour toreekthat pow- er in raifrng thee from finne,which the Lord(hewed in raìfingvpChrift from the grave,a power(' fay) killing thy corruption, and railing ,theevpto newnclfc of life. And fomuchfor this, that 7eheuab isflrong. The endof shefecund Sermon. THE