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Christians Ioisrnall. profeffeth any thing, but (if it bebut for his creditefake) heewill labourto vn- derffand,ifit be pofsible, thevery myflerieof it , and toknow the certaintieof Inch things as are appertaining to it : How much more inReligionfhonld the certaintruth belaboured for ? Errour in other things loth prejudice the bo- die onely , and the things whichconcerne ït, but the miffakingin this, I meane in the maine points of it, is the utter andirrecouerable hazardof a mans foule This may Ceruebrieflyfor the openingof thisfecondpoint ; let vsnowcome to apply it. Thispoint alCo willconuince vs, tobenot asyetentred intotheway to life, in y¡; asmuch as weare fo exceeding careleffe in thisdude of reeking and fearching out the truth. Someare drowned in the depth of ignorance , and never enter tainefomuchasathought, whether their way be right yea or no : Come are profanely defperate and putall to an aduenture , notcaring what beethe Me; if they beright , foit is ; ifnot, what remedy, they muff bean it aswell as they may : Comebe faperllitious , and denoted totheir forefathersfteppes, and hold their courfefor a fufficient tule, without further que(lion : Come are time- feruers, and lookeonly to theLaw,as that leades fo will they follow,to day on this fafhi- on,tomorrowon another,if needbe : Come arepecu dhand peruerfe, and pleade tindiuerfities of wales, and the multitudeof religions, and lo thiuke tobe ex- ruled : fo that by that timewe haue putall to thereFeuerall heads whichbelong onto them,we lhall find(Carte a tenth sas the Prophet faith,whofe care it istola g If3.6.r3. boor and take paises to leeke and enquire which is indeed the gateofgrace, and which is the true path that Icadeth unto heatien. Indeedthe world is full ofbull. ateffe,and each man as his humour leadeshim isimployed, the couetousman for hiswealth, themalicious man for his reuenge,.the voluptuous liner for hisplea fore, the wanton for his luft,the pronde forhis backe ; for there things mep(eeke farce and nette, allthe deuices,all-the meures that may bee polsible; bucln a( Curaneethat the way we haue chofen to bringvs toheauen, is the rightway,ofall thingselfe it is leali thought;Ton. It is a Urange thing, there is noman fo realm forhis way to mill, orto market, as hee is for his way to life =moll. In thofe waitshe will be perfit,ifhe doubthe will aslce, he willenquire; Isthis theway ? whatmarks ?what turning to lochor lochaplace ? As for theotherway,we got all upon meere conceipt, we thinke it is fo,wee haue heard othersfay foebut we I feeke not for the certainty,whether it be fo. Whatamifery is this,ardhaw hat(} Satan beguiled the greareftpart forthe fillingofhis ownebarnes ? In thisblind- ties, hecarries menhoodwinked(aa a manwouldcarrya hawk uponhisfift)whi- Cher heli(l , and they will be inthe pit before they areawareof it. Ibeseech you take notice ofthispoint,it is no flight thing I entreat of; he that may command vs,he that can condemne vs,he whichere itbe longfhallfudgevs, cues-hechar. - gab vs heereto enter is at the (trait gate. How (hall wee enter ifweeknow it not? how (hall we know it ifwe feeke itnot? Neither is it a flight kindeoffer- king that we are called unto: there be manybywaies, but the right way is but one;as in (hooting a manmay milli diuei fly , heemay fhoote vnder, bee may lhooreover, hemay fhoote wide, on this fide,and onthat,but thereisbutone way tohit the marke ; fo a manmay many wales be miflaken , but thereis brit one gate that leadethontohappineffe,and all the canning is to finde it. Well,the Scripturewill teach vs , the wordof Godwill be as the Angell ofGod to Peterh hAlas; todire&rs ; andifwe will vouchsafe toattend the full openingof thisText , I doubt not but(by the helpeofGod)we fhall enderfland ir. In themeanetimelet thisprensile againfl our Cecuritie,and let itbring vsfo faire od orwaytolife, as tomake vsfay with Paid when he was (trocken to the ground, LordWhet Wilt thou that / doe,?and with thepooreIayler,What :NO I doetobefaxedk?thisgood íAet.9.6. delirebeing oncebegotten in vs, the ruft cannotcnrfebutberupplyed. kAft;6,go. The third thingwhich this textneceffarily commendeth entovs, ifwe would Marine 3, be