Hieron - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.H54 S4 1624

SERMO OF MAST AMVEL HIERON, FORMERLY COLLECTED TOGETHER ET HIMSELFE, AND PVBLISHED IN ONE VOLVME IN HIS LIFE TIME. EREVNTO ARE ANNEXED OF THE SAME AVTHORS. The Preachers Plea. An Atrfwcr to a Papifh Rime. 3, Meditations touching death. ,. 4. The Do±riñeoftheBeetlingof Chrt, informeofd Catechifine. s. An Helpevnto Deuotion. With flue Sermons notheretofore.publithed. ,Pfaime go. yeti". to. I.aue notconcealed thyMercy andTrathfr,m.thegreat r ángre Greg. in Ezek. Hom. 3. The Preachir jbcnldbe atthe Smithetburningyron, whichEat Dalybeotetd theftthat are netre,but cafleth [pokes aforreoff. qA Ï.OxDON, f' 'tinted by Io xx LfaerT.'. I 6 24y lb