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x The Chr titans Iournall. neuer putsone foot forward from theplace wherehe tooke vp his firff (landing. Thinke not the WordofGod bath fpoken thefe things in vaine, fhadowingour fpiricuall matters vntovsbyearthly things; Gods purpofe is to make vs con.. ceiuethe truth the better, and by lath a place asthis is, toconuince vs menby the lightofoarowne reafon,thát thereisnohope offaluation,withouta care to adde dayly toour fpiritualiefface, to encreafe in knowledge, toproceed in arale, to bemore forwardin theworfbipofrod, Itohaue more feelingofthe loue and fauourofGod curryday thenother. Ifwe begluttedwith thefethings,the fore. nooneshearing fillethour ßotnacke, and we haueno furtherappetite that day, this dayeshearing doth not fharpen vsagain!}the nextday, butweeare ready to pleafeour felues with that wedoe, andfo to amplifieit in our owneprinate con- ceit, as though nomorewere needfully It is a dangerous thing , Ifhouldbut de. ceiueyou, and plucke your blood upon my head, If I thould tell you that this were the waytoeternall life. pf a. Well, for aCecondVCe; ifitbelo dangerous aching not to goe forward, what is it, thinkewe, to goe backward, todecay, and grow cold inour loueto good r Lult.:r.:6; things;.Their laflflute (faith ourSaviour) will beworfe then theirfirlr : And,it bettor now haze kenolvnetheYeayofrighteoufne,then after theyhaueknawnyeo turn CzPer.a,:r: fremthehol ycommandementtiaravntethem': Theeuillfpiritthatisoncetuffour bringethwith him festen diselsworfe then himfelfe. It is a matter tobee thought upon bydiuerfe ofvs : There wasatime when theword of Godwasmore red. ous varona, andwhen men and women did earn throng together tothis place, many feemed turn glad:to heart, and to be made acquainted with good things. was aoy unto them: But nowwe are full,weare (like thenice and vnthankfull Ifraelites)weary ofthiaMauna,thecommonneffe ofGodsblefsingshath drawne them into contempt. Beware oflookioébacke,take heed ofgoing from firength toweakneffe, from zeale fo coldneffeand deadneffe ofheart, from carefulneffe tofecurity, from loving the houleofGod and theexercifes thereof, toloathing them, orselealh;toaRifeandmore cold efeemingthem. Woe RaIl bee unto vs, ifwe !hall nowbe gluttedwith that, which fometimeswee longed for : it is a figne, thatall our fheweswere but lhewes,& all our proteflations buthypocrifie. For, ifrebane tuftedhoneboumifull theLord so, thenyedefare thefincere 'Mikeofthe t:pet.y..,g. wordtagrowthereby,: Ifyee haue found anyfweetneflein the exercifesofReli= goon, itiscettaine your appetite will beeincteafed rather then diminifhed. If oarfpiritube dulled and tyred out with the continuallvfe of there holy exerci- Ces, it is a fearefull figne, and yetit iscommon, that wehaue all need to bead. mottilliedof it. And let all that profehle Religion, remembring that it inn wo,3 lifeeternall isnot byand by poffeffed. Ifthere be noproceeding, it is dangerous, uHof6.4 but if there bebackefÍiding,ifourrighteouCne(febee but a, the morning dearea, which the heatof thSunnefoone parcheth,it is work ofall : the dog tothe vomit, ;t2Pet.:.::. and thefoa+ to the myre'', is the heauieft cenfure that canbegiven ofany man. They which hauebeen obeeenlightened, andMute tufted thegifet ofGods Spirit,ifthey yHehb;,6. oncefallback e,iiisitispofhietheyfhouldberenewedbyrepentance V :itisawofnlllays ing, it fhouldmake vseven tremble to confider it. Now tothisgoingon & proceeding in theway to life,thert are fundry things belonging,which itis very meet that wee fhould be madeacquainted with, they are impertinentneither tothe matternor tothe text. The fiat is, continual! gur. danceanddire&ion. A man that is to iourney in aWay vnknowne, willnot bee fatisiedwith this alòne,that heisCet into the right way, butconfrdering the pof- fsbility oferring, he will furnifh himfelfewith as many dire&ionsas hecan, glad' hewill be ofany mans company that vnderflandeth the way; fometimebee will be at thecharge rather then faile,to hire a manthat may condo&him. Theway. ofpeace whichleaderh unto happineffe, fsaway whichflefh and blood is notac- quaintedwith, and the natureofmanàsof it felfcveryCubic& tomiftaking; they_ fora