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The Chriftians Iournall. great heedfulneffe, yet in theworld it is madea ieaft,and a matter ofignominy; and enough is fuppofed tobe fpeken teamans reproach, if hee be charged with precifcneilIc. Trueit is,that many putting ona fliewof ftraitnef£e, are notwith- "ftanding lodeenough inmany things: but whatthen? though fome doe profetfe godlineffe inhypocrihe, yet that can iuftly bee no preiudice to thofe that doe it in fincerity : certain itis, that in the matters ofGod,no man canbe cooprecifei in the watching011er hia owneheart, andinthepondering hiswniea, no man can_ , be otter circuntfpe&; And therefore letmenofcorrupt mindes, who(as Salornon a Pro, q.9. faith) makta mockeof finea, letfuch I fayfcorne asthemfelues lift; yet let foma_ ny as feare God, and defire to approue themfeluesunto him,ener remember the narrowneffe ofthe way that leadeth veto life, and affurethemfelues that a little wanderingafter the vanitiesoftheirowne hearts,alittlefatis£yingthemfeluesin the pleafuresof finne, may footle mifleade them, and make the right way very hard tobe recovered. The third thingwhichmdft accompany .our purpofe ofgoingon in theway tohappinelfe, is arefolution and preparation for filch encombrantes as may meet vs on the way. It is wifedomeweknowin trauelling tobe prepared forthe Weather, to bearmedagainft filch as liein wait tofpoile,& domany times make a preyof the goods, nay euenof the linesof the patternby : fo in thiscafe, in as much as a man intending to proceedin the wayesofGod, lhallbe afaulcedwith many grieuances, it is good policie,both topet on a refolution to wreftle with them, and tobe armed fo that heemay preuaile againft them. Firft, inthe world aman (hall recejarmany vnkindneffes and indignities, muchreproach. David b Pfal.; 5.15. faith, thevery abieût ofmble them(leesafainfl hies; they tarehim andceafed not b; ,11.1.690 t. and thedrunkardsmadefengo ofhim' r and thewhole Chinch complaineth, that their foule was toofeflofthemocking ofthe wealthy, and of the deffiitefulneffeofshe dPfl.rn.g. prend d Secondly, theLord alto is wonttoexercifehis deareft feruants withma. ny croffes, which to flefhand blood arevery grieuous and heauytobee borne ;; nPf1; 8.e. Thinearrewes O Lord (faithDavid) banelight upon mee: l ám'likealeafe drinente fChap.rn.a; and fro, faith lob f. Thirdly, Sathan is a profetfed enemy toeuery goodcourse, andwill laymany baits,andere many meanesto withdraw: herepleafure affaults, there profit, there honour and efkimation amongft men, eachof themofgreat force toperfwade: another while heerayfeth vg ttoubleagainl5cman, enenout- ofhis owne thoughts,letting upon him with the horrorof finue,theterror ofthe law, the fearfulncffe ofGods maieity,theftri&neffe ofhis iuftice;out ofall thefe hee will raife matterofdefpaire,and preuaile many times very farre, to the ap- palling and amafingofa Chriftian. There things, a man intending to trauell its the narrowway oflife, melt thinkevpon, andnot onely fo,but makeprouifion alto, that óuercommingall encombrantes, he may hold out the profefsion ofhis hopewithout wauering,vntothe end. Touchingthe reproach and obloquie of the difdainefullworld, hee mullconfider, that in all reproachwhich is call upon Heb.o ;.g.. himfor hiscareofagood confcience, Chrift is his partner g. The taunts which RHeb.,,.za. Mofes endured at thehands ofthe Egyptians, are called the rebuke of Chrifib r Peter telleththemwhichare millentreated forthetruths fake, that therein they were partakersofCh iflsfäfferings'; Whatgreater comfort? Secondly,that the hatredof theworld, is atellimony and an afiurance toamans foule, that hee is oneofGods chofen:/fye were ofthe world,the worldwould lonehie owne,butbecanfe yearenot efebo world,but Ibase actinyammeroftbeworld,therefore the worldhatesh á Ioh,a{a9, youk. Again,touchingafflietions and croffes, heemull knowthat they aretri- als offaith, exercifers ofpatience, reformers of corrupt affe&ions, meaner to reclaime andwithdraw fromtheworld; thiswill make a man take vp hiscrofi'e cheerefully, and env] reioyce in tribulation. Thirdly, concerningSathans al; faults, hee mutt bee well perfwaded of the bewitchings ofworldly pleafures, of thepoyfon that lurketh vnder the nameofprofit, of the vanity of honour and credite