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THE MINORITIE OF THE SAINTS. Mark. to. 15. VerilyIfig mitoyon, woofever /hot notremise theKingdoms ofGed, ds aiinla childe, heelball notenter therein. Ertahse children being prefentedvntoChritl, andreicaed Theoeeafion by the Difeiple °, our Sauiour firfl making their pc. ofehcwoods: remptorines, giuesboth chargeforthe bringingofyong a Vick13,, ones vats him, and areafon why theyoughttobeadmit- ted b : and then fecondly, deliucreth ageneralldodrine, bWere 14. touching theequality ofchoreperfons, which mull both receive the KingdomeofGod, andbe receiued into ir. Verily, Ifay, ¿$c. The meaningof the fpeech is this t Themeaning that there is no hope offaluationvino that man, who dothnotendeauourandla. bout to frame himfelferobe like a child, in theentertainment, application, and vfeofchoremeases, whichare fanthlirdand let apart byGod, to bring vs into . the kingdome. The kingdomeof God bath two degrees; the one in this tlè, which is called, Thekingdome ofGracee, which confifleth in the Minillery ofthe cThisking. Gofp al,that beingas it were the conduitof graced,and the infirument by which domesheA. thechild-rm./Woe ,kingdome r (asthey are called) aregathered together E f. Theo- ñeth,Rom thee is, Thekingdome ofGiffy s, which is in heauen, and Hands in bluing anim- rs.rr. mediatefociere and fellowfhipwith the Lord b. Nowas noman (ordinarily}can dAC no. ;s: come into the kingdomeof glory, but bythe kingdome ofgrace : to thereisno e e E hrtiz entry forhi-ninto the kingdomeof grace,vnleffehebecomeasa child, inrefpe& gafa ofhis difpofieion towards theparticularsappertaining thereunto. And fceing it hlob. tr.aa is here determinately laid, thatthere in no faluation to any butto him which be- commeth like a little chide, there canbe nothingmore worthy ourpines, then to learnto know ontof the Scripture,whereinwemullbe like vnrocbildreneand that fomuch the rather,becaufe in folk thingsto be likechildren,is eúil &blame. 'worthy: as tobe childreninvnderfbolding i,tobe like children,wanering,[ carried itCar.WO: oboistwith eneywinds ofdoUrine '. Seeing thenwe muff be aschildren, ifwe hope k 4111.4.14. tobe faued,andyet infomethingsto beas children,in fo much found faultwithal], it is not enough for vs toheart and knowthe generall fpeech, Thattomat (hok enter into the kingdomeofGod,bothe which isachilde; butwee mailproceede fur. thee, toenquire howfarte forthwe mullframe our(clues to theeltate ofchilde. hood. We mull then (ifst dtfitC tobe mum) be like "5tocbildrenin thcfcpat.. tìcularsr The firft is, Humility. Who/interpall humble himfelfe ae this link chüde, faith The t. da ourSauiour t, the.fame. iethe greatefi inthe kiagdomeofbeatreee.AndDenid,tocleere i Madt.a8.tá himftlfeofall abtiousand riliingthoughts, and to exhort others by his exam- pieto true humility,likeneth himfelfeuntoa youngehilde,newly reuiued Sure/ (faithhe)1ham behavedmyfelfelke oneveinedf1ñ his mother°. So thatbyChrills mpfal.i3t,s¡ words,and Danidspradife, it isplaine,that one thing whereineuery one defining (signior:,mull belike a ebildo, is Humility. Children, howfoeuer beingmaimed in