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The Minoritie of the Sainth thediaelIaod the falls ofyour fatheryou will dee. So it(1iUand maft be faidto the menof thisgeneration : Youhope you areGods children, you callhim Fatheriti yourdaily prayers,hut it is in vaine. Ifyou were truly the childrenof God , ye would labour tobe followers ofGod , yee wouldendeauourto be menof a holy rei'ivas and godlyconserlatiors, yet would fistic your hatrcdof frnne, by your firmingagainft finis : that which youJeanieout of the Scripture to beedifplea- fing toGod, yee would labour withyour affeCtions, that the farce might betdif- pleatingalfo visto yet : yee would not lie and continue in knowne andgroffe fines, in ignorance, fveering, negle&of Gods worfhip, contemptofhis Word and Sacraments,vicioufneff , riot,malice, cruelty, falfhood,vfurie : Ifyet made coo(i -ice likegood children, to imitate your heavenly Father, yee would neuer (as yeedoe) takepleafure in tilde foule enormities. Well,remember my text, Ye. rily l fay ontoyou,&c. he that will be like achilde, muff labour asmuch as may be, tobe like God in holintffe and purityof conuerlation. Thela4 refemblance of Children, is a quiet depending upon Gods proni_ Theb.dolt. dente: marke how this is prooued. A littlechild who dwelled) at homevnder his fathers wing, takethno thoughtfor any thing, formeate,,or drinke,orapparell : he reliesvpon his fathers carefullprouiding, when heewants any neceffaries, to . him heprefantly reforts,and neuer lookes further. The famedutie is requiredof euery one , who defired )torcceiuethekingdorneofGod asalíttleckilde. Our Siniour(peaking againft tanking and couetoufnefîe, and that fameheart-dial- ding care,which men ofthe world haue,as w hoIhould fay,theywereftill indoubt they fhould not haue ynough here, vfeth this reafon againit it amongothers; Take no thought, &c. For your heaùtsly Father knowethyouhameneede. *: as if he "Math. Lar: had Paid, Why?what neede you tobe fo fullofCare , as if you were likepoore fa- therleffe children, left to the wideworld to Ihift for your felues? Haueyou for- gotten that you line undera louing andtender Father, and whichis more, vnder a Heavenly Father, one that is able to fupply all neceffaries ? you maybe bold to truft tohiss, and to relie vpon hisprouidence : what Ihould yoube fodilirulifull, when youhaue facha Fatherto pronidefor you? This isanother dude. This cryeth flumevpon the rakersand fcrapersof thisworld, who,as though They. there were noGod in heauen tomake prouidon for their), layabout them , lea- ning novile vngodlyopprefsing comicsvnaffayed, by which to lade themfelues With tloiebe clay %, and toencreafe theireltate, they doe thereby plainly teftifie sHab.a.6. againft thernfelues, that theydeernetheenfelues tobee none of thatnumber, of whom theLord takes care, and forwhom he prouides: For fire if they thought . they had fo kindea Father to makeprouidnnfor them , they would wraftle with their ownedifíruftfulneffe,and labour todependvpon his prouidence. I know an honc(l care mutt be had , otherwife Godsprouidence is abufed, as ifan vn. thriftyboy,fltould waffe away all he could get,and fay, What doe1 care? myfather ma/lprovide: but yet this vexing tarewhith pollelfeth mennthoughts,andmakes themcalk fomany perils,end doubts, as if there were nohelpe but intheir endea- sours, this isa moil abominable ; and it isa humor whichcannotdwell in any of Gods children. 35 D