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5o Cruthp Purchafe. p Vec1l 3. bendingforward to thatW(iich is before,' follow P &c. Andifa man might gee fun .rWgr q Pta! tiler, Dauid may feeme. herein a little to haue gone bevo Id him, I opened my 131. mouth and.panted, becaufe I lolledthy Çommandements9. Darlawas lbhotte and eeare in thispurfuite,that hewas eueóbreathleflè, like a man who in running is faine togape for a newfupplyofwind. Thus thefepi::ces,-andthere examples Ihope, do fuficienrly proouethis polar, namely, that the price tobeegiuen for ehe knowledgeofthe Truah, isto fet noprice epos it, but toefteeine itshoneall price,and toáccountthatnothing is toodeare,no trauell toomuch,no painetoo great for the attainementthereunto. The vfe of this poynt is neceffary alfo, becaufe the ChurchofGod is at this day fo full ofHuckfters, which are euercheapnisg,butbuynothing: that is as Saint Pailfpeaks, areewer learning,&yetntucrcometo the knowledgèofthe Truth. Theycome to Church, andheare, andgoehome, and come againe, andhears again, and fo go roundlikea horfe in amill, and are yet neuer the nearer. They are like the fifh in theSea,whichline in the fait water andare yetneuer the falter fo they heare theword,which is thefah oftheearth r,andyetare f#ill vnfafoned. Now thefpeciall reafon ofit is,becaufe they be no franke chapmen; they would haue too good a pennyworth, they will buy the Truth ender foore,ortheywill none of it. Iftohearenow and"then,and in hearing,now and. then to hearken, and fo an end and fome filch fuperficiail performances willdoe ir,they will bee content to be at the coft,otherwifethey wi(hyou abetterchapman,the ware is tooBeare, If you tell themofoften hearing,andofkeeping their hearts &cares together from thebeginning ofa Sermon to the end, ofprivate meditation, of conference,ofpraicr before toprepare them,ofpraier after to [rengthen them, of redeeming the time,and fatting fome part apartfor fuch holy purpofes;they make you anfwer,thatyoufer your knowledgeat toohigh a rate,&vnleffe they Thal! findeyou more reafonable,and that they may haue it with leffe paiaes,lefts hinderance, leffe difgrace1theyare contenttolet itgoe,orelfe, asmendoe,when thingsare too dears, they will take the lcife,and a fmallerportion (hall baffles them. To [rake off thisdulne1Th andbackwardneffe,andthat meomay learns to be ashamed ofthisnìggaidife,to Rand offeringand offering,and like to nears fellowes,to be loath(as it were)to come 9ffwith the otherpenny,I prayyou let vs remember the price whichthe Lordhath fet,and whereoftheir is noton haire tobeabared,itmu[fufferviolence, it mu[be moil ofallefleemed, and fought for 11th ofal-1, it mu[ be[riuenfor, andftudiedabout ,and caredfor exceeding. ly. Ifwe be not willingto glue this price ,weedoebut peler Godshoufe,itisin vaine for vs tomakealhew,and tocome hither, as people vfeth to comet God cannot endurera be dallied withall,eitber goethroughwithhim, orneuer beginne with him. And to comfort thee, takethiswith thee : thecommodity is better then it makethPhewfortandwhen thou haftonce gotten ir,atid viewed it e PGI,rG.G; better,thouwilt fay%with Danid,Thelines arafallers unto mein apleafantplaceyear uPfal,4.7. ¡bastafaireheritages:andthou(hallhauemoreie yofheart,thentherichworld_ lings haue whentheir oyleandwine abaxndeth n. Thus much ofthispoinr,whichis thevery a&ofBuying. The la[ tiro[m[anceinthisbargaineofTrxtb,is,toforeitvp. For asbought commodities are fafelydifpofed and laidyp,till time&,occafiou ball offervfe a fögotten knowledge mu[ bftereferueditrthe ftorehoufeof theMemory,:that when any occafion ófiefe.thall beoffered,' it may be at leand,either.fortherriall ofa Troth,or foradiredtion in life. Lee not the Words ofanymsesth(faith rise dome ofGod )deparrfrom thee, but l;eepethem in the neiddefl of thy liesot x, Jibaxp x P:oainn bidthypromifeiis}ra,yJp.earsx,faith Lemke andMaric is ëommended,bectufe ihes Y i tai ^rrr r kep:Chriflsfayidgs andpondeued thermsher -heart'. And indeed there isgreat.reat sr fon,why thisof vpilhouldbead lçd toall thefotmer.. Forthalugha map fhould dcfire the Tenthcarne[ly,catc tç base it 'ail igently,,difceenerie sifely,ob tasoe The life, raTim.3. 7. fMar.ç.rs, The SIA Branch,ani