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`Iruth.r PurchaJi. Thus in theworld drunkenneffeis called good fellowfhip tiotoufneffe, Merry. meeting; gaming, apafsing of the time;couetoufnes, istermedwarinefe;couf. Wage, the lining byamans it ; diffembling, politic. The vfurer will baud his praâifecalled intereft, orvfage, orputting our, any thingfaue plainevfury. Im- placablenelfeiscalledftoutneffe; fornication afeppinga little awry; fwearing, 'a foolificufome;prideby amilder name,is called vanity; ignorance iscoloured with a pretenceof fmpiiciey andvnlearnedneffe; opprefsionis laid tobe the ma- king the mof ofamansowne: And thus in manyother things, as in there, the diuell beguileth vs; and reached' vs tolie toourownefoules. Thefiftbranch is, toderiue and tranfateafinneeommitedbyvs toanother, 5 thereby toeafeour felueswholly, or at the leafby basing a partner, that it may be the morelight vponour ownefioulder. So Adam being challenged by God foreacing the forbidden fruit,foughttoderise the fault, partly to God himfelfe; partly tohis wife: Thewoman that thougaueflrobeWithwe, fhegame meofthetree, and I dideate', So Heuablikewife,it was her excufe,TbeSerpentbeguiledme,and !Gen ;.ea, I didease: thus youfhali hase a fwearer fay fometime for himfelfe,that he could &e; not òtherwire bebelecued: the riotous faith; companydrew him in : the vfurer faith, he wasimportuned to lend, &offred largely forthe loan. So theSymonia- call both Patron and Prelate, are at this dayat varience,vponwhich of the two, the fnneofcorruption fronldlie. The one pleadeth the greedineffeoftheMini- fiery, that will offer Co deeplyr the other alledgeth thehardneffe and fraitneffe of the Patrons,whom nothing but a gift in thebofome can perfwade: This is al- fo a fpiceofthis fpiriruollguile. . Thelint branch thereof, is a wrong =Coning from the examplesof the fals ofGods children,related in the Scripture. There is many a man whothus thin- kerbwith himfelfe, Munot Dauidan adulterer? Didnot Salomon keepe manycon- cubines?Hadnit manyofthe `Patriarchs( whonotwitbflandingwereWell reportedof) multiplicityofwives?cnaanot Noah drunken?Didnot Lot commit incefi Withhie twit daughttr.,?Didnot Peter rurfe,andfweare;and deny ids 'Wafter ? And therefore why fhould Ibe afraid tofatisfeminecrone luflt,asod re pip' my ownedefîres,andfollowmy owne befl pfé¢fng coas-feo?Nodoubt it maybe Well with me, at it was withthem ? By repentancethey at loft recovered, andfomay I. Thusmany a one fecretly heartneth and enèourageth hvnfelfeto continuance in euill, bya falfeand vniufapplying ofthe fatsand blemifh°s ofGods children. The only vfewhereofis, beforewed fall,tomake vswatchfull,beholding in themmans infirmity ; and after we haue fallen,and are touched incosfcience, toput vs in hope of Gods mercy : andnot tobe (as it were)a fale,vnder the fhadow whereof,we may themore boldly glue our Celuesover to vngodlineffe, The feuenthbranchof this Guile is, amtf-interpretingofthofegracious tea 7 flimonies, which' the Scripture bath of Gods forbearance, and milde dealing withhis children, which belong to his Eledtion. Ít is faid in holy Scripture, that GadWillffarehis Eleît,teaman ferethHie ownefon thatferuetbhimm: that inthem rMf,3:7 he will accept the will for the deed,the endeuourfor the full performance;thathe will paffeby their infirmities; that theirfrntres (hall not feparate them from his lone ; that lice looketh rather tothe truth oftheir affeftion,then tothe quanti- rte oftheir obedience. Thefe and thelike afurances, theScripture giuethof the Lords coniuence (asI may fo fpeake) and of his remitting the fraitneffe of lais iuftice towards thofe that are his; which things are indeede exceeding full ofcomfort toallthofe which know rightlyto apply them. But now many wret- ched oneshearing this, do euen wren themfelueswitha conceit that their heart isgood,their meaning forthebeft,asd their delireto be asholy as thepuref:and fo,becaufe Godwill (inhis kindnes) accept goodbeginningsin his ele&, though the fame bee but weake,and like/inking gaze ; therefore theyimagine that,al- beittheir coutfesof lifeare abhominable,and fu asinno refpeâ, in regardof groffe