Hieron - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.H54 S4 1624

To the Right VVorfhipfíill And inÿ verb reuerendfriend 051/1-. Doffor Goad Prouott of the Kings Colledge in Cambridge. Hen Iremember the times andfurtherances ofmy education, and confider with myfelfe,by whofefree choke, Innis preferred into that worthy Society (the headfhip Whereof your Werfhip bathfomany Fares enieyed)Uremia: but fay to you ,es Hierome Nitro, So= didto áfriendofhis, Tibi &quad po(Cumdebeo, p°ro"' &quodnon póffum : I am indebted toyou both to the wine extent Ofmy abilitie, and in muchmore then I canperforme. Glue me blame therefore (Ibefeeh yeti) not at6y wayofrequìtall,(far! will notfi much either vnder.valueyour fauour, or abridgemydebt) but as by way ofáeknowledgcment (kaatng this , as it were a bill ofinyhand what I haue receised, and how deeply l art engaged)ooprefent you with theft three Sermons. They ere ofthe Dignity of theScripture,and there- fire( therefubieeî eonfidered) arenot unworthy yourpatronage, beingfo ancient er iudicious eprofeffour ofTheologie. Theminer ofhandlinbe- caufe, as it it lyable to cenfure in this taxing age,fo it mayperhaps through my want either ofskill or eare , deferue reprooe;thereforel doefubmit it wholly toyour Wurfhips trial!, that after, it mayeitherf1epfurtherinto pubiikeview,or elfe /fop where it is, accordingau yetifbiall pleafe todihofe. Howfaeuer itbe, albeit Imuflconfe(Ie, that llhouldmntb reiöyeeìnyour approouing furtherance, yet at the leaf! IPall hereinfindcontemner/Si that l hart endeuoured out ofmy vnfainedfinfrblenefe ofour re etïioee kindne/ fe, tosnake the Worldawitne/feofmytÿankfulneffe,Andinthe 00419. fulnefe ofmy delre, that he in whomall fulneffe dwelleth mayforeple p¿,¿,9= ii,r4 nifi you with fpirituall bleffings inheauenly things,that like the Trees Planted 'in the houfe of the Lord, ou ma fUll euen inyour age bring foorth fiuit, and bee fatteand flourifhing, 'humbly takenty leant. Modbury in Deuon.this a. oflitly.1ó07. Your Worfhips euer inthe Lord, SAM. HIHt.ote