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72, The V ignitteoftheScripture. which isprefribed to vs in the word,isall-fi fficicnt to faluation. Clef have Mo. d Luk,16. q t. fesand theProphetsd, faith Abraham to the richGlutton in hell ; meaning that then they want no needefullinftru&ion, for thebringing of them by repentance unto life. ., Infinite are the places ofScriptureto thisend,fhewing theabfoluteres ofthat do&rine, which is contained in the written word, urging vs to TC1 our felues fatisfied with that which is resealed , condenmingall the inuentiors and traditions ofmanthat arc added thereunto. And teeing it isa fure thing that the er1'en s. ti, Bookes ofholy Scripture are penned by the fpeciall guidanceof Gods Spirit e, asSaint Peter affirmeth; it muffneeds follow , thatt if there bee any needefull matter omittedin them,-itcame topaff, either becaufethey which wrote , did not know ir,or becaufe, knowing it they wouldnot reuealeit : or becaufe, being willing toreueale it, they forgot it ; orelfe, becaufethough they forgot it not, yet they knewnot how& in whatmanner topetforme it.Nowwhichfoeuer ofall theft we (hall thinke,we thall call a very great indignirieand difgrace,not limply vponthe pen-menof theScripture, but vpon theSpirit of God, by whore fpe- cialldire&ion, they wrote curry word and tittle, and upon whom to lay any imputation , either of weak'eneffe or vnwillingneffe to performeany thing for the good of GodsChurch, were no Bellethen blafphemy. Adelehereto for the better openingofthispoint,that looke what is the fpirituallnecefsityof a Chri- lian upon anyoccafion , either of hiscalling , orof hisdegreeand proceeding and elate inhisprofefsion, the wordofGod is not wantingto give him fulneffe of direftion. If he be a magilrate, it teacheth himhow togoiter= ; if a mini- lier, itinformed; him howto teach ; if a mailer of a family, it inlru&ethhim for the particulardutiesofhis place; whether bee beea husband, ora father, or amaler,orfonne, orfetuant,ieIhewethhim ineueryof the fe, how todemeane himfelfe asbecommeth aChrilian. Ir glueshim direesion forhis apparel!, his fpeech,hisdiet,his company, his difports, his labour, hisbuying and fellirg, yea and for his very fleepe, and for chore things which may be thought moltatbi. Crary and indifferent. Itis vnpofsible for him to deuifeany thing, touching whichhe maynot fetch a needfull dire&ion from the Scripture. Again; eon. ceiueof him how youwill, in regard of the feuctall degrees ofChriltiastry, the word ofGod is Bill his Counfellor t if hebe ignoraut,therebeplaine principles of religion, as milke to feede him ; if heebebetter grounded,there be poyntsof greater depthto employ him; ifthere bee any cafe ofconfcience thattrot bleth him, and fcruple that difquietethhim , thereis infalliblecrrtainety to relolue him ; ifhe beafflided either in body by fickneffe, orin goods with Ioffs, or in good namewith vndeferued reproches , orin minde with the buffeting ofSa. than, and hisowne corruption ; there isplenty of comfortto releent him, there is lore ofrules to informe him how toprofite by his trials t if heebee zealous, there is matter to entouragehim : if colde and falling backe,there ismeaner to quicken hire : ifhe be fubborneand obfinate, theseis judgement to humble him: ifhebebroken-hearted, there is a false torefore him : if heebee turned outof theway by forcegreat ftnne, there is as it were abridle toflop him: what. foeuer hisoccafionbe, how ever his foule is affeaed , inwhat perplexitiefoeuer he is, whetherit be comfort orcourfell,or refolution, or reproofe , or inlru&i- on that heneeds; theword ofGod isa plentiful] flore.houfe, andmentes to the full withentryfpirituall necefsitie : So then this ismyreafon, why the law of God, thewordofGod, is calledGreat, or Large,becaufe, Tooke ofwhat extent andwideneffe ourfpirituallwantsare,of thefame are thofeholy directions which theLord hath reuealedin his word. lhase faene (faith Daaid)aneudoofallperfetti- fPfi.r59.96. en, bus thy Law isexceeding large [. Let vsnow Blake vfeof this dc&rine. The be Yj. vfeofthis point touching thelargeneffe andampleneffeofthewordofGod, ex- tendingand lretching itfelfe toallthe fpiritualloceafionsofall Godspeople, is Liftcootterthrow theiudgnsteat andpraaife of the ChurchofRome, which, as though