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ó TheVignitieoftheScripture. . Hebas. t, away emery thing that pref thdoWne v ;and to eafeour (clues from eueryvncleane vnhailowed, worldly orneedlelfe rhaiaghr, for euery vnreuerent motion, which may be a clog,or hinderance vntcr as, in the fauinghearing of Godsword. This is thefecund vfe. Thirdly, it is to be applied asan aduertifement to all thofe thatprofeire them:. rl 3. Celues tobe knowers & doersof theword, to beware how by their euil liues,they be a meases to bring the preciousword pfGed intodifgrace : weefee by euery dayes experience , how forward men ofcorrupt mindesare toprie into the a- &ions and conrfes of thofe , which keme to haue Come more refpe& vato the word of God , and to religion , then they themfelueshaue , and howioyfull a thing it is veto them, when theycan havebut any colour ofoccafron to fay, Lee there bethe men that befefillofScripture,tbattalkfo muchofGodsward,behold there fruits, marke of they be not as badde;orWurfe thenatyother. Thisis agame vnto filch, and by this means, they wretchedly flrengthen themfelues in theircon- tempt of all goodneffe : woe to himwhofoeuer, that (hall glue Riftcattle to leach people , 'ofexception, and tomake Godsprecious word, tobecome a by-word in themouchesofeuill men.How oftenBoth theApoftle glue charge to the pro- files. 5.. fefoursof Religion, to lookevnto it, that theword ofGodbe not exillspoken of'? what a heavy accufation is itthat is layed ro the chargeeftbe Iewes?tbe name of Mom. 2.24. God isblafphemedamongthe Gentiles tbroughyeut : what a lharpeexpol}ulation is that which is vfedby God him(elfeagainf}dif emblinghypocrites, (which like a rower in a boate, who bakes one way and pellesanother; fo they profeffe one thing , and doe the contrary, )Whet haft thou todoeto take my couenant intby tPfal.go..6. mouth' ? roc. Daxidwas a man deare veto God, yet becaufe byhis adultery and murder hee had made the enemies ofGod to blafpheme, the Lordwouldnot uaSam.iz,: fuller the fa& to geeawaywithoutforne teftimony ofhis diipleafure 't And furc what-euer thou bee, bee lure the Lord w ill puniflt thee , ifthy will life,thy not labouring to rhafter thine owne affc &ions, and to make thy conuerfationfuels asbecommeth the Gofpel, doe glue occalon to any profane perron, toieft at re; ligion,and fpeake euillofthe wayes ofgodlineffe.Remember it therefore yethat loue the word, remember it, I fay, chat the wordofGod is precious,benot youa meanes tobring it into difgrace.Thisis thé thirdvie. A fourth vie is , to cut offal!vaine and idle vingof the Scripture:iris acorn= mongrace ofCome tovie Comewordsor fentences ofScripture, infleedofleas & prouerbs, in their common talke, by which todelight themfelues and other. The word ofGod is precious, and ought to bevied withgreatregard. I Willlooke sport z Efa.66.t. him that it ofacontrite beart,and that tremblethat my Words x. There is a great dif- ference betweene trembling at the word, and makingofamans felfe metric by playingand toying with the word ; theLord looketh vpon the one, and pitcieth it; hee fetteth himfelfe againff theother, andwill reuenge it. Weehaue anex. ample of thepra&ife of it in the hiftoryof the Church, in that wicked Empe- routlulian; his manner wasto reachvntotheChriftians boxeson the care, and withall, tobidde them turne theother ; for (faith hee)your Maf}erbiddethyou, that whofoeuer Imites youontheone cheeke,you fhould turne to him the other elf) : Andfo when wee denyedpay to the Chriflianfouldiersthat were hired by him, and they complained thereofveto him ; his anfwer was, that hee did it to make themfit forthe kingdom ofheauen, becaufe Chriffhad faid;Bleffedarethe poore inCpirit,for theirs is the kingdomofheauen:thus thisprofanewretch fcof- fed at theScriprnre:wc muft labour to takeheed of the like wretchednes.Tilate wasbut a heathen, yet the Text' faith, that when beeheard but the name of the ylolt.r9.$ Sonne ofGod,bo Was afraidy. We that profefl'e ourfeluesChriftians,(houldmuch more reverence the holy wordofGod, in euerytitlewhereof, the maieftìeof nBxodgola God may be Irene. YouIball rende that the oylo n wherewith the Tabernacleand the Arke,and the Prieflswereannointed,washoly, and therefore nomanmight put