Hoadly - BX5136 H6

The Preface. This Caufe indeed hath been fuf ficienty managed by very able and great hands ; and hath, in truth, but little need ofany,fuch fupports ebs can give it. But ifthe Pleas for Separation be again rel 'v'd, and repreferated to the world ire t moving manner ; and the Charge a,gainft Conformity be repeated as if no- thing had ever been urged in its de- fence, a Reply becomes neceffary. Every new book ofthis nature leaves an imprefon upon the minds of thole who read it and efpecially when it is recommended to the People even from the Pulpits, and openly declar- edby Per f ns very nearly concerned to be the bell` and moff compleat jufi'ift- cation of the Caufe it defends. And we knowwhat is commonly given out, and generally believed, ifno anfwer be return'd. Theft'