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of CONFORMITY. 107 tense as this ; yet I fee nothing in your . objet &ions againfi this, but what feems very liard and unreafonable. When it is faid, This is evident to all diligent rea- ders, can any one imagin that the in-- tent of this is, that it is impotiìble any fuch thould ever doubt of it ? or that any thingmore was defigned, than to fgnifie, that it was a plain truth ? Should we deal thus with all fuch exprefïions, what could we hear that would pleafe us ? Suppofe it fhould be Paid, It is evident to all Men diligently reading Holy Scripture, that our Saviour exied before he was born of the Virgin Mary ; would you fcruple tofub- fcribe to this, becaufe the Socinians, who have diligently read Holy Scripture, fay they cannot find it there ? I believe the obje&ion would never have enter'd into your heads. Nothing is more ufual than fuch forms of fpeech; and nothing more unreafonable, than topats by the principal thing intended by them, and to argue a- gainft the manner of expreffing them taken in a literal Senfe, when it is always figurative. We muff: be fenfble, there are many caufes why very confiderable men fometimes mils ofaveryplain truth ; and if we be afraid of laying, this is a plain truth, becaufe