Hoadly - BX5136 H6

The PREFACE. Things, I am ¡nlible, have often betrayed me into fuck Repetitions, as may f efn tedious to Tome Per- fons : But, I hope, that what oc- cafioned them, may alfo, in force fort, frve to excufé them. And, if You join with me in thefe .Endea- yours, the World will better fee the Merits of the Caufe on both fides ; and it will be the more certainly underftood, in what Points you ,Gill, want fatisfaElion, if you /hould yet remain unfatisfied. I have nothing farther to add, but my Prayers to God, that Truth may prevail, on which fide fever it be ; and that He would-direct us in all our fearches after it. I am, Sir, Tour 'very humble Servant B. it =1111