Hoadly - BX5136 H6

i! r The Reafonabdenef3 and unlawful as You have imagined and reprefented them to be, (which was the kJ/ thing I propofed) I now come to' the remaining part of what I undertook, 16I'.. To thew, that the Arguments pro- pofèd by Mr. Calamy in defence ofYour Oyes, are not fufhcient to juftify your Separation, even fuppofing the Terms of Miniilerial Conformity to beunreafonable. And, III. To confider what is offered by Him in vindication of your People. Indeed I cannot but hope, upon the molt ferious confideration , that You Your felves are fenfible how fadly the Terms of Miniflerial Conformityhave been mi taken, and mifreprefented ; and that I have laid already what may make it needlefs to add any thing more upon this, fubje. But this I muff leave to your own Cónfciences; and am obliged to proceed, in the method I at ñirfI propofed; to con- fider all that I find alleged in defence of Nonconformity; that fo the merits of this Gaufe may be fairly and thoroughly tried, and nothingbe left untouched in a matter offuck eonfequ-ence. I thall now there- fore endeavour, II. To