Hoadly - BX5136 H6

The Reafonablenefs are yet arrived at : And tho' the method in which I now propofe to do fomewhat towards this, be perhaps not the moil. agreeable to your Wifhes ; Yet it muff be acceptable to you, as You profefsyour (elves willing to attend to any offers that are made this way, and ready to con. form, ifyour Objections can be fairly re- moved. Now the Reafans, onwhich your whole Caufe is built, I find collecaed by Mr. Calaway in his tenth Chapter of the Life of Mr. Baxter : And they are thought to be there reprefented with the utmoil force, and after the moll convincing manner potiible. The bell method therefore I can thinkof to perfue my Defign in, will be this . I. To anfwer the Objeaions there ad- vanc'd againfl the Terms of Minifterial Conformity in our Church. II. To fhew, that the Arguments there propofed, in defence of your Selves, are not fufficient to juflify your Separation, even fuppofing thefeTerms of Minifteri- 4l Conformity to be unreafonable. III. To io