Hoadly - BX5136 H6

T H E REASONABLENESS O F CONFORMITY T O T H E CHURCH of ENGLAND, Reprefented to the- DISSENTING MINISTERS. In Anfwer to the Tenth Chapter of Mr. Calamy's Abridgment of Mr. Bax- ter's Hifiory of his Life and Times. PART I. By BENJAMINHOADLY, M.A. r ebe berm!) t bítfon Cofeceb. All this began but in 'Unwarrantable Separations, and too muchaggravating the Faultsof the Churches, and Common People, and Common- PrayerBook, andMinifiry. í712r. Bax- ter in his Account of the Salaries, Abridg. p. 96. LONDON, Printed for Tim. Childe, at the Mite Hart at the Weft-End of St. Paul's Church- lard, 1703.