Hoadly - BX5136 H6

66 The Reafnablenef ing nothing alledg'd againft kneeling at the Communion, but rather a great deal for it ; I return now to that which makes up the great& and moll: terrible part of your charge, and that is the impofition of thefe things ; the making them Terms of Communion ; which you call, a mani- fefl encroachment upon the Kingly Power of our Saviour ; a makinç New Terms of Communion ;' a contradicting Chrifl's ap- pointed Terms ; a ufing that power to de- f rtí Lion, which was given to be .ufed to Edification. Withwhat ju{fice you have fohard thoughts of the Church of Eng- land in this particular, I ihall now freely examine ; willing you could be as im- partial in confidering what can be offer'd in defence of this, as you have been fo- licitous in drawing up this accufation a- gainff it. What I have to fay on this Subject íhall be under thefe following Heads. I. That the Bifhops, who are the Go- . vernours of the Church, have authority to order fuch things as thefe which you fo grievoufly complain pf. . 2. That St. Paul fays nothing againft this in the fourteenth Chapter to the Ro- mans. 3. That