Howe - B3999 R4 H68 1702

Part II. The Living Temple. 1 r 5 man called Inmpofure, accompanied by other Harlots, Opinion, Luf, Pleafare, &c. fazing and leading away every one. And hence are bitter Cam- Taints and Accufations ou Èmpedoctea and fie- plai P racl:rur teprefented red forth even againfl Nature as vrogad,ur 64461.4vat it felf, as being a weer force, 1, noldatiz.7ssTit/ PRY as à svàyxar 4 mini- and war, and having nothing tidy uoetp 4,046 a pure orfincere in it, but hay- Jpp.edi anaxtepis l- ing iris Courfe amidft many xeoap° unrighteous Paffions ; yea, and its rife and fink Produ&ion is lamented, as founded in Unrighteoufnefs. The difcontentful Refentments whereof, havemade fome not fpare to cenfure our very make, and frame, the uniting of an immortal thing to a mor- tal, in the Compofition ofMan, Ovn71.5 ovviej04441 di.9a.vab, &C° Pint. as a kind ofDiftortion ofNa- de folert.anim.p9o4 tore, that the thing produced, f ould be made to delight in having Parts fo unnaturally pull'd and drawn toge- ther. So that fameof the Ethnick Philof phers have been fo far from denying a Corruption, and DepravationofNature in Man, that they have overflrain'd the matter, and thought vicious Inclinatió 12 on 1d