Howe - B3999 R4 H68 1702

Part II. The Living Temple. 147 Grace, to his governing, and his heart= delighting Prefence. And how Ignominious, hereupon, is the Rejection ! When fo vile things are chofen and preferr'd ! The Tyranny of Lufl, before his holy, reafonable, or- derly Government, the Pleafusres ofSin," rather than thofe of the Divine Prefenci. Thisbeing the practical, decifive, judge ment, given in the cafe, that theft are better. 'Tis better be the meanest Drudge, and Slave, than his Servant, and feed upon Hurst, or A1her, than his (pure, and moll fatisfying) Commu- nications. And what he chofe to be, he is, i. e. with the Indignity done tò God, he hath joyn'd the vileft De bafement of himfelf. For hence alfo, how loathfome à Creature is he now become ! How perverted in all his Powers ! How furl of Darknefs, Confufion, Impurity, Malignity, and Venom ? How univer- fally and horridly deformed. L 2 And