Howe - B3999 R4 H68 1702

I 5 2 The Living Temple. Part IL. CH AP.' V. The Reflitutionof this Temple, unr dertaken by the Emmanuel Fire, more darkly prefigured ; afterward, more clearly mani feed. This Confitutipn of Emmanuel fuficient : Necefa- ryfor this Furpofe. That Hfe was Hinife1 f to be the Platform, the Foundation, and the Foun- der of it. The Original Tem- ple : And was, in order hereto, àl fo Sacrifice. To procure that God might honourably, and without wrong to his Governing yuflice, return and have his Abode with Men. And that -they might -become prepared - to receive his returning Pretence. For - 7rhich pureo'e Fle had) in rt the For-er of giving the tr