Howe - B3999 R4 H68 1702

Part II. The Living Temple. 155 The bleffed God bath laid the Platform, II. and thel-oundations of /ors Temple, itwas to be refiored, andfet it up again among Men, in and by that Great Emmanuel, his ovn Son made Flefh. It is to be eonfider'd that (as hath been (hewn) thelAiorld had a long time lain deluged with Wickednefs, funk in Snfuality, and a deep Oblivion of God, his Me- morial was even loft among Men, and nothing lefs thought ofthan a Temple, in the true deign and meaningof it; the Notices of God, and any Inclina- tion to Religion that remained, (too deeply infx'd into the Mind and Na- to re of Men to be quite extint) were yet fo faint and weak ; carnal and ter- rene Propenfions to ftrong, that the Vital Religion, which was the proper Buinefs of a Living Temple, could have no Place. It was not only fo in the Pagan World, from which God had further withdrawn himfelf, but e- ven with thatfelec` People, ,towhom he vouchfafed more peculiar Manifefiati pus and Symbols of his Mind and.., Pre- fence. They had afigurative Temple by his own appointment, ere&ed in much glory among them, that might have in=