Howe - B3999 R4 H68 1702

5 8 The Living Temple. Part II. was to be transfus'd to raife and form' all others. But, in order to its being fo, this very Tettiple muff become a Sacrifice ; and by Dying, multiply: ASeminal Temple, as we fhall hereaf- ter thew, and as he himfelf reprefents the Matter, job. 12. 24. And which is in the full Senfe of it raid, i Pet. 2. where, when we were fiat told, v. 4, s. We rug come to him, as unto a Liv- ing11one, and as lively Stones be built up a Spiritual Houfe. We are further told, v. 24.. That he himfelf bare our Sins, in his own Body, on the Tree, (where hewas offered as a Sacrifice) that we might die to Sin, and live to Righteoufnefs. For now, a Temple being, in its proper Life and Defign, intended for Divine Honour, could not have its Foundation in the Ruin thereof, or be built upon his unremedied DiJhhonour. The Son of God, by tendering him- (elf for a valuable Recompence, muff be theCorner Stone of this New Build- ing. The Wrong that Man had done to the Divine Majefty, Jhoaild be expiated by none but Man, and could be by none but Gode Behold