Howe - B3999 R4 H68 1702

162 The Living Tempk. Part IL IV. Jt. Theformer is effeaed, and a Foun. dation is laid for the efeeling of the other too, in his becoming a Sacrifice to Yllfiice. A Sacrifice fo Rich and Fra- grant, fo full of Value, and grateful Savour, as that abundant Recompence is made by it for the Wrong Man had done to the Majefly ofHeaven, by pro- faning and polluting this Temple, and expelling fo contumeloufly its great In- habitant. An Injury to which, the Creation confuming in an univerfal Flame, had been an unproportionable Sacrifice : But the Sacrifice of himfelf, the Emmanuel, God Min, could be defe6tive in nothing, was bothfisitable and equal to the Exigencyof the Cafe : For the Sacrifice of hips whowas Man was fititable to the Offence of Nan and ofhimwho was God, was equal to the Wrong done toGod. Long before this Sacrifice was offer- ed, the expectation ofit, and fince, the remembrance have been precious. It was of fufiicient Verme to work, and diffufe its infiwnce, at the greateft di fiance; and not of time only, but of place too, to perfume the World, and fcatter Bleffings through all the Parts and