Howe - B3999 R4 H68 1702

166 The Living Temple. Part Ií. molt righteous Curfe upon it : A Curie that was of this import, Never anything Holy or Pure any more come here; or any thing Good and Pleafant, The Light ofthe Sun neverThine anymore at all on thee : The Voice of Yoy and Gladncfs never be heard any mere at all in thee. The powerful s horror of this Curf , held it doom'd to all the Defo- lation and Mifery that was upon it : Confirni'd it in the Power of him that tuled here, at his Will. Hence had the Magic and Charms of the Evil One, their permitted, uniefifled Efficacy, rendrec. it an Inchanted Place; related and adjoyn'd it to the Nether World, the Infernal Region ; made it the next Neighbourhood, even of thevery Sub- barbs of Hell: Barr'd out all Divine Light and Grace, all Heavenly Beams and Influences from it. So that, had it not been for This SACRIFICE, this Temple had been, and remain'd, even in the lame kind an accurfed Place, as Hell it pelf : The Spirit of God àhould have had no more to do here, than ih re.. For fo the Sentence and Curie pf his violated Law htd determined ',Thou J q) "'' ),it (1;e, the Death ; did fay no Y r But