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A Preface. true can be plainer, if by thefame At- tribute, or Nature, he means numeri- cally the fame 5 it only fignifies one thing is net another thing. But if he means there cannot be two things, or Subftan- ces, of the fame f ecial or general Na- ture, he bath his whole Bufnets yet to do, which how he does, we íha11- fee in time. But now compare herewith his De- finition of what he thinks fit to digni- fywith the Sacred Name of God, [ByDefniti God (faith he) I irnderfland a Being ab- 6° folutely infinite i. e. a Subflanceconffî- ing ofinfinite Attributes, every one where- ofexpr -f s an infinite Ffnce.] and be- hold the admirable Agreement ! how amicably his Definition ofanAttribute, and that mentioned Propftion accord with this Definition (as he calls it) of God! There cannot be two Subfantes, he faith, that have the fame Attribute, i. e. the fame Effence. But now it feems the fame Subfiance may have infinite Attri- butes, i. e. infinite Effences ! O yes, ve- ry conveniently : For, he tells you that two Attributes really dfina, we cannot Scholl. is conclude do conflitute two diversSubflan-Prop. ao., ego And why do they not ? Becaufe