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The Living Temple. Part IL mon. (So little bath he Common with And 'twill increafe theObligation up-. on him, to deliverhim from theEntan- glement of his Demonfiration, as he calls it, of thiS Propofition, as I hope we fhall alfo of the other too 5 for, no doubt, they are both falfe. Of this Propofition his Dernonftration is fetcht from his 3d. Definition, viz. of a Subftance, [That which is hi itfilf; and conceived by itfilf; i. e. whofe Conception needs the conception ofnothing elf e,whereby it ought to beform'ol] fo is his Definition defined over and over. We are here to enquire : i. Into his Definitionof a Subflance. 2. Whether it fufEciently prove his Propofition. iv ifì. For his Definition ofa Subfrance. He himfelf tells us, ADefinition ought to Schol . 0 0 in exprefi nothing, but thefimple Nature °fax Prop.. thing dejin , d and we may as well ex- pest it diftindly to exprefs that. Doth this Definition exprefs the Pimple Na- ture of a Subftance ? [that which is in it- felf] when 'tis left to Divination, what is meant by is, whether fifince, or Exi- fieace