Howe - B3999 R4 H68 1702

Part II. ' The Living Temple. ` 49 it feems) all one, then the unformed Matter is faid to have been created. For God is faid to have created that unformed Earth ; which mull indeed pre-exiil, unformed, to its being brought into form, not unto all Creation.= And the fame thing muff be underílood of the unfit-rind srrne Heaven too, tho' Mofes's Defign was to giveus a more ditinf account, of what was nearer us, and wherein we were more concern'd. And indeed, it feems moll agreeable to the Letter of the Text, and to the follow- ing Hi(lory, fo to underhand thofe words 5 In the beginning God created Heaven and Earth, viz. That in the be- ginning, He created that, which, after- wards, became Heaven and Earth. i. e. Vnfòrmed Matter. For Heaven and Earth, as non, they are, or as they were, in their formed State, were not created in a moment, in the very beginning but ' in fevered fuccefJve Days, as the following Hiflory, Thews. And fo much Tertullian aptly enough inti- mates to that Pfeudo-chrif%ian Hermo genes, 7erne nomen redigit in materi- am, &C. Not