Howe - B3999 R4 H68 1702

Part II. The Living Temple. 6 of it muff either be this [That a Being could never arife out of no-being, of itfelf, without a preexiffent, creative, Caufe] which is moff evidently true, but as evidently not tohisPurpofe ; or this [That what once was not, could never be produced intoBeingbya Pre exiftent, Omnipotent Caufe) which were to his purpofe, but is evidently, feofi 1S and byapparent felf-contraditfion, un- large Dr. true *. Cuivorthr And what can make it have fomuch InteueEiu- as the leaft femblance of Truth ? Ei- Rl syflem, ther the Authority of the Maxirne, or forceplaufible Reafon. For its Autho- rity, tho' that which he claims to it, of theantient Philofopheri, were little con- fiderable, if never fo truly elaim'd ; we have no Crbund to think it otherwife claim'd than nsofl untruly. Its Autho- rity, as he reprefents it, depends upon aworfe Authority. He is fo modeft as to,expea it to be believed uponhis bare word, that this was the Opinion of all the Ancient Philofophers beforeChrifl's time; while yet he thinks not fit to tell us his Name. Bat