Howe - B3999 R4 H68 1702

Part II. The Living Temple. 65 And for the reafon of the thing it Pr; he hath not the leaft appear- ance of any on his part, but that, becaufe the finite Power of a Crea- ture, cannot bring a thing out of nothing, therefore, Omnipotency can- not. Which is fo far from con- cluding for him, that (as bath been intimated) it manifefily contradicts it fell, and concludes the contrary. For how is that Omnipotency, which cannot do every thing that implies not a Contradiction ? And how is that a Contradiction, that what once was not, fhould afterwards come to be ; there being no obje1ive Impoffi- bility, or intrinfic Repugnancy in the thing it felf, to exift, but that it were truly ens pojjibile ( and we are out of doubt concerning matter for inftance, or whatfoever elfe we are fure doth exisi, that it could ex- iii) and fuppofing allo, that there be a fufficient, caufative Power, to make it exift, or produce it into Being ? And what Caufe can be more fufficient, than an omnipotent One, fuch as our Author confeffes God to be ? Nor