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Part II. The Living Temple. 67 why he Ihould pretend to differ from him. For who can imagine, why his matter, endu'd with the attributes of .Extenfion, and Thought, might not do as well as Spinofa's Subfiance ? Or if he think matter, a fuch, to have only feminal Reafon or Intellèa in it, antecedently to his fuppos'd di- vine Imprefs upon it, how will that agree with his making it [eJntielle- Prefaces ment imparfait] effentially imperfect ? Or what means his added [capable ne- anmoins] its being neverthelefs capable of allfuch Perfe2ions by the impreon ofGod upon it? Is that Capacity fome- thing, cr nothing ? Or what Senfe is it to make it capable of having thofe Perfe&ions, which it is efntial to it not to have? And furely, as he will attribute to matter more Perfeilion than he intend- ed, fo he will attribute lefs to God. For he will, at this rate, attribute no more to him, than pathbeen general- ly afcrib'd to ordinary natural Agents z î. e. to produce into actual Being, out of matter, that whereto there was in it forefeminal Difpoliition before. F And