Hutchinson -DA407 .H9 H7 1806

ADVERTISEMENT TO THE SECOND EDITION. TnE sale of a large impression of this work within a few months, at a period too when the public attention was occupied by events of extreme magnitude and interest, and the warm and distinguished commendations of several highly respectable *reviewers, may serve to evince that, in presenting it to· the public, the editor neither over-rated the curiosity and value of its contents, nor augured too favourably of the taste of his contemporaries. But that a character of such pure and exalted virtue and patriotism, that the writer in her own time " feared few persons could believe, because they " found themselves so short, any other could make so large a progresse in " the race of piety, honour, and vertue," should, in our days, find ready credence; and although exhibited only in her " naked undrest narrative, speak- " ing the simple truth of him," should be generally relished, marks that sound and unvitiated state of the Moral Sense in British Society, which must cause exultation in the breast of every lover of his country, and brings forward the Editor with confidence and alacrity to meet the continued demand with a new edition. He has availed himself of this opportunity to introduce some improvements, which have been suggested partly by obliging communications from friends, and partly by farther researches and inquiries of his own. These the reader will find noticed in their proper places. The Editor begs leave here to discharge a duty which is highly agreeable to him, in returning his warmest acknowledgments to the many individuals . from whom he has received encouragement and assistance. In the first rank must naturally be placed the very respectable, and the reverend personares who, by permitting their names to appear as subscribers, gave their sanction * Censura Literaria, Monthly, Annual, Critical, Oxford, and Eclectic Re\'iews.