Hutchinson -DA407 .H9 H7 1806

Vl to the publication. Thei r number would have been found much greater, had not many names been received at too late a period for insertion. To many persons the Editor feels obliged for suggestions and articles of information; but in many instances not knowing, and in others not being allowed to publish the names, he has it in his power only to notice them in this general manner. Of the hints thus furnished he has, as far as he found it practicable, availed himself. He would gladly have Sttbmitted to any censure, however severe, could he have been enabled by that means to lay the work before the public in an improved state. No attempt has, however, been made at correction except by one reviewer; but his criticism and suggested improvements were marked by so many obvious and glaring inaccuracies, that it was not possible for the Editor to confide in his judgment, or submit to his guidance. The Monthly Reviewer seems to consider the Preface to the first edition as needlessly apologetic; but as the same respectable writer admits that it gives a candid view of the narrative and of the work in general, it has been retained in its original state. The execution of the former edition was generally approved of; equal pains have been taken to render the present no way inferior in what regards the arts; and the labour which the Editor has bestowed upon corrections and additional illustrations, give him reason rather to hope for the increase, than fear the diminution of the Public Patronage.