Hutchinson -DA407 .H9 H7 1806

pute concerning the countries ponder, he was come to waite on his Lordship, to know his desires and intents concerning ~t. My Lord N. The king's intents are only to borrow it, and if the country will not ]end it, he will pay for it . , 11. My Lord, ' tis not the vallue of the pouder we endeavour to prese rve, but in times of danger, as these are, those things which serve for our defence, are not valluable at any price, should you give m as many barrells of gold as you take barrells of ponder. N. Upon my faitll and honor, cous in, it shall be restored in ten dayes. lf. My Lord, such is the danger of the times, that for aught we know, we may iu lesse than foure dayes be ruined for want of it; and I beseec~ your lordship to consider, how sad a thing it is, in these times of wa1-re, to l~ave a poore country and the people in it, naked and open to the iniury of e\·ery passenger; for if you take our pouder, you may as well take our armes, withfJut which we are unable to make use of them, and I hope your lordship will not disanne the country. N. VVhy, who should the count ry feare? I am their lo rd lieftenant and engaged with my life and honor to defend them! what danger are they in~ 11. Danger, yes, my lord, greate danger; the re is a troope of horse now in the towne, and it hath often hap'ned so that they have committed greate outrages and in1;olencies, calling divers honest men pu ri tanes and rogues, with divers other provoki ng termes and car riages; I myself was abused by some of them, as I passed on the roade: I chanced to meele some of ,these gentlemen, who, assoone as I waa past, enquired my name, and being told it, gave me another, saying among themselves, that I was a puritane and a traitor; as two or three honest men that came behi nd told me. Besides your lordship may be farre of, and we ruin'd before you can come to us, being unarm'd and not able to defend ourselves from any body, and this country being a roade through which, under the name of souldierr:., rude people dayly passe from the north to south and terrifie the country; which if they knew to be naked and unarmed, they would thereby be encouraged to g reater insolencies and mischiefes. ' N. The king's occasions are such and so urgent as I cannot dispence with it for any reasons, but must needs have it. 11. [hope your lordship will not denie that the country hath a right, interest, and propertie in it. N. I do not denie it . II. Then, my Lord, I hope his maiestie will not command it from them. N. No, he doth but desire to borrow it. li. Then, 1 hope, if he doe but desire to borrow it, his maicstie bath signified his request to those that have interest in it, under his hand.