Hutchinson -DA407 .H9 H7 1806

84 answer'd him, that the king, hav ing grea.te necess1 tl es, clesir'd Lo bonow it of the country. l\ir. Hutchinson ask' cl my lord what comN. Upon my honor he hath , but I left it behind me. If. [ bcsecche your lordship then, that you would not take it away, till you have acqua inted the cou ntry with it, who only lmve powe r to lend it ; :lnd if yom lord sbip be plcused to doe this, 1 will engage myselfe that by to-morrow nt twelve of the clock, thnt pnrt of the country who have interest in the ponder, !:hall aH waite on you r lordship and g ive you their reso lu t ions. N. The king's occasions cn nnot admitt of that delay. Ji. I beseech of your lordship, ye t be pleas'd to consider the dangerous consequence of tak ing it without the countries consen t, and be pleased Lut to stay 't ill they can come in. N. That time is more thnn his maiesties necessities can dispence withal!. VVi th that :Mr. [-Jut c hinson wentdowne sta ires, where bytbattime n. g:ood company of the eounl:ry we re ga thered together, to whom Mr. Hutchinson told ~vhat my lord had say 'd to him, and they desired him that he would but st and to them, and they would part with every drop of blood out of their bodi es befor e he shou ld have it; and say'd bes ides , that they would go up and breuke my lord's neck and the sheriff's out of the windores ; but lVIr. Hutchi nson. desired them to stay below, till he had once more spoken to my lord, and then, taki ng ouly one o r two mo re with him, went up and spoke to my lord. I-I. My Lord, I am aga ine, at the request of the countrie, that arc below, come to your lordship, and doe once more humbly besceche you, to consider the businesse you are about, before you proceed fur ther in it, for it may proove of dange rous consecj_uence if you goe on. N . Cousin, I am confident it cannot, for the countrie will not denie this to the king. Ii. It's very probable they will not, if your lordship pl ease to h c\\'e pa tience, t ill they can be call' cl in, that they may be acquainted with hi s maiesties des ires . 'J.l . H is mr. icsty is very well a:,su red of the willingnesse a nd cheerful ncsse of the greater part of the country to it. If. lvly Lord, I doe not know what assurance his maiesty hath of it, but if you please to look out of thi s window, (poi n ting to the countrymen below in the streets), you will see no inconsiderable number gathered, who I fCare will not be willing to part with it. - N . Those arc but some few factious men, no t to be considered.- H. l\1y Lord, we have bene happy yet, in these unbappj difl'erences, to have had