Hutchinson -DA407 .H9 H7 1806

92 Hereupon nine of the lords, that first went to the king, were summon 'd to returne; who sending a letter of deniall, were, by the whole house of peers, sentenc'cl to be incapable of ever sitting againe as members of that house, or of benefit or privilege of parliament, ancl to sufler imprisonment during pleasure. Then the lorcl keeper, who had appear'd firme to the parliament, and voted with them, for settling the militia by orclinance of parliament, runne away to the king, after he had deliver'd up his seale, the day before, to one the king sent for it. The king, having this, issued out many proclamations, ancl among the res t, one that no man slwuld obey the parliament's warrants, about selling the millitia. The parliament, on the other side, made ordinances forbiddiug all men to raysc armes, by warrant from the king, without authority of parliament. And now they began to scllle the kingdome's millitia, both by land and sea, and mad e the Earlc of ' 'Varwick admirall, whi ch place the king had conferr'd upon Sr. John Pennington, in the roomc of the Earle of Northumberland, and commanded my lord of Warwick to resignc; bnt he chose to obey the parliament, and go t the flcete at length wholly into his hands, and took a ship with ammunition comming to the king out of Holland. The parliament now, despairing of the king's returne, made an ordinance for mony and plate to be brought in, for raysing armes for the cause; which came in, in greate abundance, upon publick faith, and likewise horses and armes for the service. The king, who had recei v'd mony, armes, and ammunition, which the qneene had procur'd in Holland, by pawning the crowne iewells, sent out commissions of array, to anne the people in all counties, and mockt the parliament, using their owne words, wherein they invited men to annc for the defence of the protestant religion, t he king's person, dignitie, and anthority, the ]awes of the land, the peace of the kingdome, and privelledge of parliament ; and thus dcceiv'd many people, and golt contributions of plate, mony, and