Hutchinson -DA407 .H9 H7 1806

114 Conqueror of old had given to one Peverel, his bastard, which this man entitling my lord Goring unto, executed the office under him, to the greate abuse of the country. At the beginn ing of the parliament, they had prosecu ted him for it, but that my lord Goring beg'd of Sr. Thomas I-Iutchinson to spare him, and ·promis'd to lay it downe for ever: so from the beginning of the parliament he executed not that office, but having an insinuating witt and tongue, procur'd himselfe to be deputy recorder of NotLingham, my lord of Clare being chiefe. When the king was in towne a li ttle before, this man so insinuated into the court that, comming to kisse the king's hand, the king told him he was a very honest man; yet by flatteries ltnd dissimul a tions he kept up his cred it with the god ly, cutting his haire, and taking np a iorme of godlinesse, the better to deceive. In some of the corrupt times he had purchas'd the honor of a barrister, though he had neither law nor learning, but he had a voluble tongue, and was crafty; and it is allmost incredible that one of his meane education and poverty should arrive to such things as he reaeht: he was very poore, although he got abundance of mony by a thousand cheatcs, and other base wayes, wherein he , exercis'd all his life, for he was as greate a prodigal! in spending as knave in getting, and among other villanies, which he secretly practis'd, was a libitlinous goate, for which his wife, they say, pay'd him with making him a cuckold; yett were there not two persons to be found that pretended more sanctity than he and she, who had a tong,ue no ]esse glavering and false then his. This bascnesse he had, that all the iust reproaches in the world could not moove him, but he would fawne upon any man that told him of his villanies to his face, even a t the very time. Never was a truer Judas, since Iscariotl's time, then he, for he would kisse the man he had in his heart to kill ; he natural ly delighted in mischiefe and treachery, and was so exquisite a vi llaine, that he destroy'd those designes he might lmve thriven by, with overlaying them with fresh knaveries.