Hutchinson -DA407 .H9 H7 1806

138 was a distresse, wherein the committee had employ'd some of the governor's souldicrs, f(>r tlte leavy ing of an assessment, which his brother would not pay, and this distresse he call 'd the governor's affi·ont to his f[nn ely. Though these passages may seeme too impertinent here, yet they having bene grounds and beginnings of iniurious prosecutions, wherewith the governor was after much exercis'd, it was not altogether unnecessat·y to insert them, since even these little things, were linkes it> the chaine of providences which measur'd out his life.' All the horse that had bene rays'd in Nott inghamshire, marcht away with Sr. John Meldrum, which were Collunell Thornhagh, Maior Ireton, Captaine White, and Captaine Farmer's troopes; who, together with Captaine Lomax and Captaine Schrimpshire's foote companies, ioyning with Collonell Cromwell's men, marcht to Gainsborough, and engag'd those that besieg'cl it, and were victorious, killing their generall Sr. Charles Cavendish, with many more commanders, and some hundreds of souldiers, and this was opportunely done, while my Lord Newcastle was hastning to come over the water and ioyne with them, who, by a bridge of boates, past all his army over, and came neere Gainsborough, iust in a season to beholcl the rout of all his men. The parliament's forces expected he would have fallen upon them, and drew up in a body and faced him, but he advanced not, so they contented themselves to relieve Gainsborough, and made a very honorable retreate lo Lincolne; but Gainsborough not being fortified, nor provided; this rcl iefe did · not much advantage them, for my Lord Newcastle againe besicg'd it, which was render'd to him, after eight clayes, upon honorabl e conditions, for the defendants, though they were not perform'cl by e To some readers the recital of these bickerings and intrigues may seem littl e interesting, to others high ly so; certain it is) that whoever refuses to read them, refuses to acquaint himself with the temper of those times) which they characterize in the most peculiar manner.