Hutchinson -DA407 .H9 H7 1806

5 glasses, and for his other rarities was not so much affected with the antiquity as the merit of the worke-he tooke much pleasure in emproovement of grounds, in planting groves and 1•ralkes, aud fruitetrees, in opening springs and making fish-ponds;' of country recreations he lov'd none but hawking, and in that was very eager.and much delighted for the time he. us'd it, but soone left it of; he was wonderful neate, cleanly and gentile in his habilt, and had a very good fancy in it, but he left off very early the wearing of aniething that was costly, yett in his plainest negligeut habitt appear'd very much a gentleman; he had more addresse than force of body, yet the courage of his soule so supplied his members that he ne,,er wanted strength when he found occasion to employ it; his coniTrsation was very pleasant for he was naturally chenrfull, had a ready wilt and apprehension; be was eager in every thing he did, earnest in dispute, but withall very rational!, so that he was seldome overcome, every thing that it was necessary for him to doe he did with delight, free and unconstrein'd, be hated ceremonious complemen t, but yett had a naturall civillity and complaisance to all peopl e, he was of a tender constitution, but through the vivacity of his spiritt could undergo labours, watchings and iourneyes, as well as any of stronger compositions; he was rheumatick, and had a long sicknesse and distemper occasion' cl thereby two or three yearcs after the warre ended, but elce for the latter balfe of his life was healthy tho' tender, in his youth and childhood he was sickly, much troubl ed with weaknesse and tooth akes, but thr n his spiritts carried him through them; he was 1·ery patient under sicknessc or payne or any common accidents, but yet upon occasions, though never without iust ones, he would be very angrie, and had even in that such a grace as made him to be fear'd, yet he was never outragious in 1 lvfany traces of hi s taste, judgment, cmd industry, in each of these, were to be seen at tbc di stance of 140 years.