Hutchinson -DA407 .H9 H7 1806

4 HIS DESCIUPTION. HE was of a middle stature, of a slender and exactly well-proporlion'd shape in all parls, his complexion fair, his hayre of light browne, very thick sell: in his youth, softer then the finest silke, curling into loose greate rings alt the ends, his eies of a lively grey, wellshaped and full of life and vigour, graced with many becoming motions, his visage thinne, his mouth well made, and his lipps very ruddy and gracefull, all though the nether chap shut over the upper, yett it was in such a manner as was not unbecoming, his teeth were even and white as the pmest iwry, his chin was something long, and the mold of his face, his forehead was not very high, his nose was rays'd and sharpe, but witball he had a most amiable countenance, which carried in it something of magnanimity and maiesty rnixt with sweetenesse, that a·t the same time bespoke love and awe in all that saw him; his skin was smo~th and white, his legs and feete excellently well made, he was quick in his pace and turnes, nimble and active and graccfull in all his motions, he was apt for any bodily exercise, and any that he did became him, he could dance admirably well, but ncit·ber in youth nor riper yeares made any practise of il, he had skill in fencing such as became a gentleman, he had a greate lm·e to musick, and often diverted himselfe with a violl, on which he play'd masterly, he had an exact eare and iudgement in other musick, he shott excellently in bowes and gunr.s, and much us'cl them for his exercise, he had greate iudgment in paintings,' graving, sculpture, and all liberal arts, and had many curiosities of vallue in all kinds, he tooke greate delight in perspective with th~ ir two children, were follnd by him in their house at Owthorpe, and are now Jeposited, along with the manuscript, ai Messrs. Longman's and Co. k There remained some few of the:>e at Owthorpe unspoiled, but many were spoiled by neglect, at the death of tbe last possessor.