Hutchinson -DA407 .H9 H7 1806

1~ owne mother-which all things consider'd, although they were deserving persons, was an example of piety and ·goodnesse that will not easily be matcht. l'or coniugal affection to his wife, it was such in him, as whosoever would draw out a rule of honour, kindnesse, and religion, to be practiz'd in that estate, need no more, but exactly draw out his example; never man had a greater passion for a woman, nor a more honourable esteeme of a wife, yet he was not uxorious, nor remitted not that iust rule which it was her honor to obey, but manag'd the reines of governement with such prudence and affection that she who would not delight in such an honourable and advantageable subjection, must have w~nted a reasonable soule: he govern'd by perswa,ion, which he never employ'd but to things honorable and profitable for herselfe: he lov'd her soule and her honor more than her outside, and yet he had even for her person a constant indulgence, exceeding the common temporary passions of the most uxorious fooles: if he esteem'd her att a higher rate then she in hersclfe could have deserv'd, he was the author of that vertue he doted on, while she only reflected his own glories upon ltim: all that she was, was him, while he was here, and all that she is now at best but his pale shade. So liberal! was he to her and of so generous a temper, that he hated the mention of sever'd purses: his estate being so much at her dispose that he never would receive an account of aniet:hing she expended; so constant was he in his love, that when she ceast to be young and lovely, he began to shew most fondnesse, he lov'd her at such a kind and generous rate as words cannot expresse, yet even this, which was the highest love he or anie man could have, was yet bounded by a superior, he lov'cl her in the Lord as his fellow creature, not his idoll, but in such a manner as shew'd that an affection bounded in the just rules of duty, far exceeds every way all the irregular passions in the world. He lov'd God above her and all the other clear pledges of his hea1t,